Chapter 2 – Of Tumbling Over

Images and thoughts of the mystery boy plagued Isaac throughout the weekend. He couldn't shake the image of his mystery boy (his mystery boy? When did he become his?) laying beside him, on his bed. The way the boy's blonde hair hung down his face, partially blocking his chocolate brown eyes from view, made Isaac smile inside. So the weekend was spent daydreaming and aimlessly gliding through his house, all alone, but in pure bliss.

And now rolls in the school week…

Isaac's POV

"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed pitifully as Ana dragged me by my hair along the corridors. The small kiddies were staring strangely at me and all I could think of was what would happen if the mysterious stranger could see me.

"You know I have a good case to present to the UN over these acts of human cruelty!" Come on, let me go!

"We both know you suffer as much as a sloth does, you lazy old git!" She replied harshly. For a compassionate, caring and understanding person most see her as, she can be really mean.

"Well then, I guess that means…no chocolate cheesecake with whipped cream and my special triple choc topping for you…" Now, this will either make her let me go or she will slap me…VERY hard.

She's stop pulling…we're both standing in the middle of the grass where we sit….still no reply.

She slowly lets go of my hair. Oh YES!!

"I'm free, free, free, FREE!!" I turned around to look at her and…


"EVER THREATEN TO TAKE AWAY MY CAKE, AND I WILL KILL YOU!!' She screeched, causing me to fall over, cowering beneath her wrath and making all the people around us take one huge step away.

Rolling around hysterically, I didn't notice my mystery boy look out over the grass from behind his brown bangs, staring intently at my body rolling around spastically and watching as Ana picked up my backpack and dropped it on my head. The yelp of pain filled the ears of all around, causing them again to take a couple more steps back.

"Hmmm…strange guy." The mystery guy thought to himself.

Standing up, I began to head back to class, the bell shrilling above me. Humming the theme song to the Simpson's, while striding down the corridor, I suddenly stopped. Only 10 metres in front of me, was my mystery boy, bent over, tying up his shoes. If there had been a locust swarm near by, I would have become a moving cave for them. I could feel the drool sliding down my face. Then, the blush came. I tried to get away from him, not wanting him to see my embarrassed look but swinging around so quickly cost me AND Ana.

The water bottle Anastasia her full name by the way had been carrying had flown into the air and landed in her air. Though however funny it was, and it was so hilarious (I was sprawled on the floor, cacking my self) it was quickly replaced by the look of fury and death that now filled her brown eyes.

My face almost fell off. She was digging holes into my face with sharp shovels of doom. But, I am one to laugh in the face of death…literally. I started keeling over in pain at my laughter. Now, though, I knew it was time to run! Spinning round, I sprinted down the hall…straight into some innocent bystander. Tumbling over and landing on my ass, I finally realised who I had hit. My mystery man. His usually held back brown hair was now all over his face and his brown eyes were a mixture of surprise and hidden amusement.

"Well, I guess this is a nice place to sit, very comfortable." My mystery boy smirked to himself, seeing me blush like a radish.

"I am so sorry. I was running, and didn't see, and then….yeh" I could feel myself get brighter and brighter. My tongue wasn't working well around him. AH! Damn my hormone driven mind.

"Well, I don't think we've met before officially, though you've been getting to no me with your eyes. I'm Oron, and you are?" His face was this big ….face of ….ARGH! I was blushing too much to say anything smart or think of anything.

"I'm Anastasia and this is Isaac." Ana replied from behind me, her hair starting to dry off. "Now, if you'll excuse US, I think its time for Isaac and myself to get going. Come on Isaac." She pulled be by my hair, parts ripping out, and a whimper of anguish coming from my mouth.

"Hmmm…alright. Nice to meet you Anastasia, and you too Isaac. See you around." Oron put his hair into a small ponytail and walked off in another direction.

After what seemed like forever staring at Oron as he walked away, Isaac realised what he had done.

"Oh crap…he's going to hate me isn't he? I've stuffed up big time. Bloody hell….I'm so stupid" My pitiful little ramble lasted about five minutes, before Ana gave me her reassuring smack across the head and told me to hurry up into science.

All through science and the rest of the day, all I could think about was how Oron looked with his ruffled hair and his amused eyes. I barely knew the guy and had only had one conversation with him, but he had this mysterious thing about him that made my knees weak and made my heart skip a beat, even if those were the worst clichés I've ever heard.

On the bus home, with Savage Garden's song "Gunning Down Romance" singing into my ears from my iPod, I could hear Oron's voice saying good buy to his friend, I think her name was Faith, and laughing between them. My heart sank at the thought of not being the one he laughed with, or saying goodbye to.

I just wished he would say those things to me, or look at me that way or…

"Later Isaac" Oron called out to me.

My mind stopped rambling…well stopped all together. Oron, the boy my heart beats for, said goodbye…to me!

Oh my god…


The bus lurched suddenly and I hit my head on the seat.

"Goddamn it!" I swore loudly. Everyone around me slide further away from me.

"What? Do I have some disease?" I really need to stop thinking out loud.