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Chapter 5

"This is going to be simple…" Jim said before throwing Kyle and extra clip. "Trevor, you put Chico in the trunk of the car so he doesn't get blood everywhere. It's going to be hell for half an hour Chico, but you'll have to bite the bullet. Take the suitcases with you."

"Damn…" Chico said.

"What about me?" Kyle asked.

"You and I are going to smoke this fucking house till its ashes. Trevor, drive around the block and meet us at the power grid. Do you know where that is?" Jim asked.

"Yeah. It's on Walker Street." Trevor said with a nod.

"Don't be late. If we aren't there in five minutes, we probably didn't make it. Then you need to go meet us at the old playground in ten minutes. If we aren't there, you need to hurry on back to get to the damn highway. If we aren't there, just go to the El Burro manor because we sure as hell don't know what were going to do…" Jim said before walking over the bodies. "Go and don't be fucking shady!!!"

Kyle reloaded his gun before stepping over a puddle of blood. A big shoe print was left in, making a small amount of blood stick to the bottom of his shoes. Trevor threw Chico in the trunk before driving off. Jim looked at the oven, which was luckily enough a gas-powered oven.

"Go start a fire around those bodies. Come on, we don't have long." Jim said before throwing a bunch of liquor bottles off the counter.

Kyle kicked over the coffee table before Jim threw him a vodka bottle. He caught it and mashed it on the papers that sat on top of the coffee table. Jim fired a few shots in the gas valve, creating a flamethrower with it. Only forty seconds passed making it good time. Kyle lit a small newspaper on fire before throwing it on the puddle of vodka. Fires shot from the puddle, and then the gas valve set of the alcohol on the kitchen floor. Kyle and Jim made a rush for the back door to get away. The entire apartment building was set a blaze by all of the fires. As soon as Kyle and Jim could get towards the picnic tables, the entire building blew up. Shrapnel flew out from the explosion, but none of it hit Kyle or Jim. The shockwave knocked them both to the ground as they stepped over the gravel next to the picnic tables.

Like crack heads with a ball of cash and an addiction, they were up off the ground in a fraction of a second. Kyle's steps were almost faster than the beats of his heart while moving down the small hill and towards the next apartment building. Jim was gasping for air as he made his way past the next building and across the street.

Trevor was driving around the block with Chico screaming in the trunk.

"Chico SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Trevor screamed.

Kyle and Jim made there way across the grassy knoll and through a small public park. A couple of pedestrians ran away after seeing Kyle and Jim wave their guns around. As the people ran towards the street, a squad car drove through the park and towards them. Jim and Kyle ran towards a tree to take cover. The two whipped out from behind the tree with guns blazing. Kyle wasn't going to juvenile hall because of some fucking cops. He fired with Jim and hit the windshield. The cops inside the squad car jolted in reaction from getting blasted by the bullets. Even though they were shot dead, the car continued to drive towards a small restroom area. It collided at high speed, causing a huge explosion. Kyle needed to get some energy, so he pulled out the bag of coke and took a big whiff. Jim took a whiff too before they began to run. Kyle dropped the bag and tried to turn around. Jim yanked him once with no results.

"FUCK IT!" Jim screamed before yanking Kyle again.

Kyle rubbed his nose and felt the blood rush to his head and then through his veins. When the coke hit his heart, it seemed like everything had slowed down for him. If he overdid it, maybe the coke would give him a heart attack. As of now, he'd rather go to the hospital with a simple heart attack and get away instead of going to juvenile hall. The two ran towards an alleyway to hop the fence and get to the power grid. Jim leaped at the fence and did a Jackie Chan over it. Kyle knew then that this was all old shit to Jim. He leaped at the fence, latching onto it. Both of his pupils became so dilated that he had let out a big "AWE!" After that, getting up the fence was no problem.

"I'm fucking relapsing man!" Kyle yelled after hitting the ground on the other end.

Jim began to run so fast that he tripped on his own feet. He stumbled across the ground after falling over. Kyle ran past him in order to keep on moving. The intensity of his buzz along with the cops put him in an adrenaline trance.

"HEY! HELP ME UP!" Jim screamed with a stutter.

"COPS EVERYWHERE!" Kyle screamed before lifting Jim off the ground.

Jim stumbled to his feet and towards the next fence. After reaching it, a squad car pulled in just ahead of them. Kyle paused and looked for the nearest escape route- the fire escape. He began to run up it with Jim in order to get away. One of the cops go out of the squad car before firing a shot from his 12 gauge. The pellets shot towards the fire escape that was guarding Jim and Kyle. When they hit, Jim and Kyle both felt their legs get hit with a few shells.

"Ah-! DAMN!" Kyle screamed before limping up to the top of the fire escape.

The squad car pulled away from the fence and towards another end of the building. The two were now at the point where they forgot what they were doing. Kyle was trying to ignore the pain as he ran across the roof. The two fell down and knew it was going to be hard to keep moving.

"Fuck man… We're this far and were already fucked!" Jim yelled.

"We can get through the gates on the roof by busting the lock." Kyle said before limping towards the gate.

"We're low on rounds, so I suggest we shouldn't waste them on a gate."

"I have a better idea…"

Kyle opened up the canister on his key ring and held it up to the lock.

"Unlock it!" Kyle yelled to the canister.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jim asked.

"Step back!"

The two stepped away from the gate and watched the lock explode into pieces. Kyle opened the gate before running away with Jim.

"What was in that? What the? Ah, fuck it. It worked!" Jim exclaimed.

Kyle ran towards the edge of the building and jumped into the dumpster below. Jim did the same and looked over to the right. There were a few bikes that were for sale at the time.

"Let's get the bikes. We can make you do that trick with the key ring." Jim said as he held up the locks on two bikes.

"No, he's burnt out. There's one way to do this!" Kyle exclaimed before shooting off the locks on the bikes.

Jim hopped on the bike and began to bike down the road. It was easy on his wounded leg. The same applied for Kyle when he took the bike. As they moved down the busy street, a cop car pulled in from up ahead of them. Kyle and Jim took a left and onto the streets of the hood. The cops followed them in knowing how dangerous it would be. Kyle kept on pedaling to get ahead. He was definitely no match for the speed of the squad car on his bike.

"Let's go in further! The cops will end up getting shot at if we go in deeper." Jim yelled to Kyle as he pedaled past him.

"What about the rendezvous?" Kyle asked.

"FUCK IT! We'll have a better chance on our own."

Jim and Kyle had to find a way to shake them off. Since Jim grew up here as a child, he knew his way around. The best idea he had to come up with was leading them towards the freeway entrance. Kyle cut through the front lawn with Jim to get an advantage on speed. The cops kept on the road and made turns around the corner. Jim looked over his shoulder and decided to take the alleyway between the houses.

"I'll handle them!" Jim yelled before taking a shot at the cop car.

Kyle followed Jim into the alleyway to keep the cops from following them into the trap. The alleyway stretched out for fifty yards and lead to a huge fence near the freeway. Jim pedaled as fast as he could to keep the cops coming. The squad car began to speed up in order to squish them under their tires. Kyle continued to move towards the fence with Jim, showing no signs of stopping. A bunch of kids playing in the alleyway were trying to get out of the way. As for the cops, they could crush Kyle and Jim and most likely get away with it. Before getting within ten yards from the fence, Kyle jumped off the bike and landed safely in a patch of grass. The cop car was right up on Jim's back tires. Jim saw the fence and leaped upwards from off his bike.

The squad car hit the bike, trampled it, and busted its windshield over the bottom of Jim's body. Jim flipped in the air and landed face first on the burning alleyway pavement. He was alive, but in a great amount of pain. The two cops in the squad car lost control of the wheel and slammed into the fence. The fence went down with them into the forty-foot drop onto the freeway below. The two cops let out one final scream before slamming into a diesel truck. The truck slid across the road and triggered an explosion that cause a ball of fire to block off the exits to the freeway below. Jim stood up to see a huge cloud of smoke rising up above him.

"You ok Jim?" Kyle asked after running over to him.

"Yeah," said Jim as he lifted himself off the ground, "but I'll never do that again."

The two say the burning wreckage from the cop car. Kyle counted out twenty-two vehicles on the streets below, replying with a "holy shit."

"It's time to get the fuck out of here." Jim said after hearing more sirens.

"Yeah… That sounds good. I'll call Trevor and tell him to pick us up. To think, this is the most fucked up day of my life." Kyle said before running off with Jim.

The End