All Eyes On Me
I know what you're thinking, and not so

It's not a cocky thing, but I am a little bit

It's something straight from the hood

Homegrown and made from my experiences

But it was made over a long time

I come from the hardest projects

Either you bang, slang, or ride with them

And then come the users and addicts

No strolls, but gunshots making niggaz duck and cover

Babies on the block later than their parents

Nevertheless, I am looked at differently than everyone else

It's because I walk down the street, with head held high

Highly successful family and so much pride

And still down for my niggaz and still gon' ride

In college now, so they're all watching

A summer night, my whole crew drunk, out came the truth

Said I was the only one to make it so far

The only one thought to have a chance to make it

Then there were the people that helped and guided me

Plus the people with unlimited words of praise or advice

So right now, "It's all eyes on me"