As I Relax
Here relaxin' at the time, but not him

He's working just to put food inside his stomach

Dying inside cause he can't have peace

Not a moment of rest lays in his soul

Expectin' a fight for his next dollar to earn

A thoughtful soul forced to be lost in his world

No job, ex-convict, no family to care what happens

Got three kids and the mom just died

The media uses his story, but no money in his pocket

Losing a sight he was raised to have

No relaxin' for him at all, too far gone

As I relax, right here…she just got raped in the woods

Five guys, one bigger than the next, just carried her off

One by one, taking turns on her innocent body

Said she was asking for it, but she never said it out loud

Tight pants and lip gloss got they dicks hard

She turned them down, so the rage would start to grow

Getting raped in the woods, only five guys around, any sound made?

Kicks and screams, but it does nothing to them

Blood flying, but what matters?? They got theirs

She eases up and it will never end

Playing video games, three course meals, but they suffer

No roof over their heads, so they out all day wandering

Nothing to play with, only guns next to use

Eyes are purple, the parents did it, but it's only a bruise

No left or right, they can't chose their own way of life

Braced for death because that's what they know

Ready for a baby, she can't afford condoms

Strong times, hardships left and right

Yet a falling future is what will show

The shit others face

The torment endured

The pain passed on…

As we relax