Shut The Fuck Up
This is for all those people that can't be quiet

For those that can't mind their own business

And again, for those people that think they're angels

They are not helping anyone at all

So, do the world a favor and shut the fuck up

If someone is doing something wrong

It's not towards you, affecting you, or harmful

They are paying you no mind and it won't come back in the end

Keep it moving and shut the fuck up

It has nothing to do with you

From the rats, the squeals, and then to the snitches

Scared from all the huge up and coming stitches

Telling on the girls that cheat on their man

Dropping dimes for the cops about the crack spots

Then go to sleep like everything is good

You watching some one robbing a bank

Looking at a pimp slapping one of his hoes

Girl down the block about to get trained

Even someone lying about his or her job

Don't say a word, just shut the fuck up