Second Thoughts
Never had one before, but it's happening

Can we really go all the way?

Or is it just a safety blanket for my heart

For the way I feel when you're not here

The tongue cannot describe such a feeling

Yet only the soul can speak its language

Slow songs make me think of all our days

We talk on the phone, but it's just not the same

Don't really know what I should say to you

Or what I should think when I'm around girls

Even what to say when talking about you to people

I just don't know anything anymore

I, I, I, but the real issue is us

The things we do when each other is not around

Our love being shown, and then when it isn't

My words can't come too easy, and they die sometimes

It hurts me to think of we might not end up together

To have second thoughts of what we could have