Unrealistic Dreams
I had thought up what was going to happen

From the passionate talks on the phone

To our monthly visits and crazy fun

I pictured our love to still be there, never stopping

But those were only dreams

Now we won't talk for days at a time

And I need you to be my relief

To relax me when everything starts to crash

You always did it with you soft voice

Then came your caring personality to help

I had dreamed of something unrealistic

Four hours away, with my phone not working

We always said that song could never be for us

But can we go back to the days our love was strong

Said, "we're getting stronger", so no need to go back

Now they're girls always around

You wont admit it, but there are no doubts

Guys on the left and right with one aim

And it burns to picture what they want

I get sick and want to throw up everywhere

I dream of the things that wont happen

Monthly visits turning into weekly sleepovers

No guys to ever touch you at all

But one that could happen, us ending up together