My razor
actually worked today
((I'm smooth
like water))
to rid away
all the hair that
my father passed on
with his ape-gene.

I sprinkle
my soft leather eyelids
with tinkerbell's pixie dust
to keep them up and floating
so I can pay you
with attentive stares.

I crushed azalea's petals.
I sought their juices
to mix with
my mother's milk. With
just a hint of strawberry,
I used the raven's claw
to spread it on my lips.
They beg for your attention,
they crave your inhibitions.

I wore that skirt you itch for
so you would love me more.
It hugs me like a silk cocoon,
It hugs me like my legs will
be a vice around your waist.

I ransacked the butterfly's nest,
the African and Monarchs leapt
like startled dogs. I was cruel
and sedated them with my breath
that I coated with sleeping powder.
I wove them into my nest of hair
to intensify the color of my eyes.

My breasts are bared
proud of my woman's body,
proud f this contraption
that you worship
with your eyelashes.

I painted a centipede
to wrap around my ankle
for my own selfish needs;
I wanted to adorn that joint
merely to show off
how slender
I am.

I painted and stretched
myself taut. Do you
love me any more?
I want it so you'll
never look away; I
always need your gaze
for you are my frog
prince that will save
me from the ugly
girl inside. Teach me
how to laugh and
give myself up. I
want to be your
moonshine caterpillar clay.
Burn me with your
initials branded.

Make me yours; teach
me how to give you
everything you ask
for and even more.

I stapled a tiger's tooth
to my heart to help
protect us from those
who rage with jealousy.
I wore it to
show you I'm strong,
that I can handle you.

I slipped on mud-rings
they ((sadly)) caked under my
fingernails. I love the taste
of you beneath them
I'll suck out your soul
with my spider's tongue. Just
to make myself beautiful.