The shadows

Shift and bend

Twisting and writhing

Watching from a distance

Letting loose with

A hellish howl

Riding onward

No one knows who or what they are

All they know is the fear of

The howls and the dead breath,

The rotten eyes, the pale, cold hands

Riding along the countryside

Roaming wandering still

Seeking, searching

But what for?

Some think they are demons chasing

Them, whilst others think it

Is death itself

I believe and do not fear

The touch of these dead ones

These that are they that have

Passed on

The coolness of Death's breath on

My cheek

I will not shudder

I will not weep

I've seen Death stand

Along the side of

A casket or


With the snide

Smile that

Says I shall

Meet Death personally

Very soon

My soul does not tremble

Does not quake

Death is but a crazier

Ride then life

Ever was