"Pre-Summer Daze

Sitting stoned by the softball field with Emo Emily

Mellowing to "Doll Parts" and the "Party of Five" soundtrack


How gorgeous what's-her-name was back then


Chrissy is on the other side of the fence

(I'll take a picture just for g o o d l u c k)

Fingers laced in the chain link metal


Into the shade under our tree, to the left of the track

Where spikes tear at the gravel on an 1800 meter dash


Soccer balls scrap across the curb uncontrolled

(I guess Dalton blocked his shot again)

I lay down, green grass cool to the touch

New stains appearing on my undershirt


It doesn't really matter


After graduation no one will remember

Who I was


Who I fucked


Where I got high

And the world would be that much better for it


We had all just b u r n e d o u t.

'We now present the graduating class of Nathan Hale High School 2006.'"

4/20/2006 10:51am

A.N:20 days until graduation and already the days are starting to blur together...it's rather depressing, but then again I am glad to be rid of this school. It brought only three good things to my life: my fiance', my best friend, and the strength to endure so much more than I thought I ever could...other than that, I wish them all well to their own lives...thanks for reading!