Another Romp Through Fantasy

When heliotrope blooms in spring

All around the faery ring,

So does the nettle bush sting

When fools walk asunder.

Fox-kith and –kits will run

When hunters begin their fun,

All will fly beneath the sun

We falsely worshiped under.

Like is like and love is naught

To those whose jealousies have sought

The blades of power Elven-wrought

Beneath a Cheshire moon.

Lord of Rings, of Flies, of hearts,

Of the overzealous tarts

Who've broken across the ramparts

As Charlotte sings her simple tune…

I'll have to check, but this is a continuation of one of my Riddles selections, taking up where that one left off with elements from some of my favorite books. Obviously, the Lord of the Rings, Through the Looking Glass, and Charlotte's Web are a part of this, but also are the little known Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood, Bardic Voices, and The Dragon Quartet. Granted…I'm not assuming that you've all read those books, but if you know of them, then my work is done.