Authors note: This is a free write I came up with at the top of my head and then went back over to edit. I know it's long but I couldn't stop myself! I took full poetic license with this one, guys.There are references to bands and musicartists such Straylight Run, Something Corporate and their song Konstantine, Dashboard Confessional, Snow Patrol and their song Run, and Sufjan Stevens. The last one isn't named, but there's a reference at the end of the 7th stanza (paragraph..thingy) that alludes to his song Chicago.

Running Away to San Francisco

So let's drive to San Francisco, love

Where the weather's always rainy

And the art scene's on the rise

Today is just too much to bare

We're both beginning to break

So let's take a break


Ditch at nine

It's our favorite class,

But we don't mind

We need to get out, so start the engine

Video cameras show we're leaving

Our parents will kill us, our friends'll be shocked

But we've got a full tank of gas

and $90 to our names


Hit the pedal, we're on our way

Cell phones blaring, turn it off

No one's ruining this for us

Don't hesitate, don't look back

'This Road to California' sign puts us on track

The radio's on, the perfect roadtrip theme

Can't tell if it's Dashboard or Straylight singing

but we don't really care


Barstow passes, then LA

School's long over, it's 4:38

By 11:11, we've reached the bridge

the Hoover Dam can't compare to this

Play Something Corporate, maybe Snow Patrol

Konstantine and Run never get old

Park the car, sit on the edge

When we get back, we know we're dead

But for now, that doesn't matter


Mom calls, tell her we're fine

Let her yell, we won't be back tonight

The water's soothing, so is the night noise

Watching cars drive pass, the city lights bright

The most amazing night of our lives


It's raining, just like we thought

We're drenched, but that's what we want

To be slowly washed of every worry

It's only midnight, we're in no hurry


Today, tonight, right now

We forget what our troubles were about

We're together and everything fades

All things go,

We fell in love, this is our Chicago


Friendships forgotten and lips caress

But we've got other loves, so in conversation we invest

And it's already just a memory


Year's from now, after tests and exams,

and high school's drama is forgotten

We'll remember San Francisco

Where we'll say our love flourished and died

Where a lie was born

Because that spark is still alive


And in realization we'll drive, this time no future trouble known

We'll meet at the bridge, our hearts unowned

Konstantine'll play and we'll kiss a second time

It's midnight, we both left that morning at nine

It's raining, still no umbrella in sight

One engine will start, with two hands entwined

I bet you that art scene is still on our minds...