Fake Friendship

The first time we talked.

We had told each other

Some of our most darkest secrets

And we laughed about it.

We became closer after that

And it was you I would

Turn to for advicce

And you were always there.

The first time was a mistake

It was late

Near midnight and I had waited

For hours

And you never came back.

After that,

Our friendship was on a rocky path

And I distanced myself

Away from you.

The first mistake was

Fought for, forgiven, and forgotten

And we were friends

Once more.

The second time was no mistake

It was a lie

That struck right through

My protective barriers which hit dead center.

Then you had to go

And spill out your secret

Of how you felt about me

And I refused to say something compassionate.

I left you heartbroken

Or so I thought

But as fate would have it

You lied again.

But this time,

Not only did you not tell me

But instead, told someone else

A story woven with lies.

The only feelings for you

Right this moment

Are only of hatred

As I ask myself

'Why did he do it?'