-Disclaimer: the song was written by Stephen Sondheim, music by Leonard Bernstein. Not me. The idea is mine though.-

"There's a place for us...
A timeand place for us..."


Written in memory
Of Cody Affreme
And Simon Charles
Much love from a dear friend.

The words stung like little tiny bees all over his body, clinging, biting, stinging. And there were so many, and they were all around him; suffocating him. Their hateful tongues burned like scalding fire, all over his body. There was no point to their onslaught of cruelty; they did it because he was Cody-sinful, girly little Eli. He did not know why they were so mean.


"Disgusting. Look at him; that's a boy!"

"He's just wrong. Normal people aren't like that."

There was a smack on his back, and he reached up to peel off a piece of paper from his back with a picture of what should be him (labeled kindly with an arrow and a 'This is YOU'), but burning in a large pot with an arrow pointing to it that stated 'Hell.' He blushed and crumpled the paper into a little ball, and timidly threw it into the trash can.

'It'll all be over soon,' he thought, making his way into his last class of the day. 'Just one more to go. And then I'll be free.'

The period was over before he even knew it began, and he almost laughed in joy. It was finished; he could leave and run away forever. He left his books in his locker; he did not need them, nor the notebooks, nor anything anymore. It was done. Unimaginable rapture erupted in his heart, and he could almost feel the smile ready to burst on his face. The corner of his lips tugged upwards, yet he did not want to attract any unnessecary attention.

Too late.

"What're you smiling at, fag?"

He winced, but kept walking. Just a few more steps and he would be outside...

But they followed, calling to him angrily.

"You don't deserve to be happy, you disgusting, vile thing. C'mere; I'll wipe that smile off your face!"

Run; the word came only moments too late, and before his legs could even begin to dart to safety the first of the quintet-a strong, buff boy with arms the size of cannons-smashed his fist into the delicate boy's cheek. The impact forced him onto the ground, and he cried out as punch after punch, blow after blow came, each more painful until it became a dull, white, throbbing numbness. A punch to the eye, and he couldn't see; a punch to the ear, he could not here; a punch to the mouth, and all he could taste was the sweet, metallic taste of his own blood.

Eventually the Principal came, prying them all off of him. The Principal did not care for him at all, but surely he would have been killed as easily as a glass doll can be dropped on the floor. The Principal glares disgustedly at him.

"I never want to see you again, kid. You hear?"

No, he can't hear. His ear is ringing, and he imagines it might be bleeding.

He barely made it to the outskirts of the forest before he collapsed to his knees, eyes tearing from the unbelievable pain he felt. He dragged himself, using the last of his strength, beside a very large, very familiar rock. He always came here when he couldn't make it home. And if he was lucky, Simon would realize what had happened quickly.


Thoughts of sand colored hair and grass-green eyes made him smile, and soon he felt his aching body give in to the wonderful oblivion of sleep.

"Cody! CODY! Jesus Christ!! CODY!! Wake up, wake up, please wake up!!"

White-hot pain seared through Cody's mind and he groaned, peering a heavy eye open, fully intent on telling the voice to be a little more quiet. His eyes opened and a would-be-warm smile began to make its way onto his lips.


"What the fuck, Cody?! Who the fuck did this to you?!"


"I swear to fucking God, they'll pay. Not again...this can't keep happening to you! I'll fucking KILL them! Fuck, look what the fuck they did to you!"


The older man paused, looking down helplessly at his boyfriend. Cody reached a hand up with a smile, stroking Simon's cheek.

"Don't worry...about it...I just want to go home, 'kay? With you...just home with you..."

Simon angrily cried out, tears filling his eyes. Cody held up his hands, and Simon held him close, but gently, so as though not to hurt his precious angel any more.

"How...how can they do this?" Simon whispered, more to himself than anyone else. "Cody...I love you, Cody..."

"I love you too, Simon," Cody smiled, and leaned up to place a soft kiss on his lips.

Suddenly, the air became tense, and Simon pulled Cody close, holding his head to Simon's chest. Cody had not the energy to resist, and merely shut his eyes tightly. He almost cried out at the sound of voices.

"Well, well, well...that was the most horrific thing I've ever seen in my life. I just might be angry from it!"

"Boss doesn't like being angry."

"Yea, heh-heh-heh!"

"Whatchya gonna do about it, Boss?"

Cody shut his eyes tight, clinging onto Simon and began to sob quietly. Not now, he thought frantically. Not here, not now, not ever! Just leave us alone! We were so close! So close-

Before his thoughts were finished he felt the familiar tap of a steel-toed shoe on his back. He whimpered and squirmed. Simon was yelling, but he couldn't hear anything but the rapid beating of his heart and the dread of what was about to happen.

Suddenly he was torn from Simon's grasp, and he cried at the loss of contact. He screamed and writhed, begging them to leave him and Simon alone. He called Simon's name, and from his one not-swollen eye he looked to see three men holding Simon down, while a fourth began to kick him in the face. Cody screamed as loudly as he could, only to recieve a skull-cracking punch to the face.

There's a place for us

Somewhere a place for us

Peace and quiet and open air

Wait for us somewhere...

Cody did not hear the hateful words; he did not hear the cracking of his bones, nor the sound of his own blood gushing from fresh wounds. He could only hear Simon-his dearly beloved, the only one who ever truly cared for the shy boy-grunting as he tried not to cry or scream. He saw only the pain in Simon's face as he was kicked and smacked about like a rag doll, and all he could feel was the pain in his heart, knowing that the person he loved and valued higher than anything else in the world was getting the shit kicked out of him.

There's a time for us

Someday a time for us

Time together and time to spare

Time to learn, time to care...

The man holding Cody threw the small boy onto the ground, and Simon's eyes widened when a sickening crack resounded through the area. All of the people in the clearing stopped and stared at the small, broken boy, who did not move. The grip on Simon's arm loosened, and he stared at Cody's back with a look of !"

He scrambled to his feet, stumbling, and-ignoring the severe pain in his legs-ran over to Cody. One of the others reached forward and grabbed him, holding him back. He writhed and sqiurmed and hit until he was able to land a punch to his face, and continued towards Cody.


They seemed to all snap back to life, and stopped him from going anywhere closer to the small boy. Simon seethed and glared at one, a look of pure hatred in his eyes.


"B-Because it's wrong!" one stuttered, looking a bit scattered. Simon laughed, and a small trail of blood spit from his mouth.

"And you beating the fuck out of me and him is right?!"

"Yes," the crulest replied, and kicked Simon in the face. Rain began pouring from the sky, and the seven looked up at the sky.

"...C'mon guys, let's let them rot."

They ran from the site, leaving Simon, Cody, and the rain. Simon dragged himself over to the still body of Cody, and he licked his dry lips, hesitant. Finally, he reached a hand out and pulled on Cody's shoulder, pulling him so he was face-side up. He began to sob when he saw his love's ruined face.

Some day


We'll find a new way of living

We'll find a way of forgiving


"C'mon Cody, we have to go home."

The boy was silent. Simon put his hand beneath Cody's nose, and was slightly relieved to feel the slightest puffs of air. He shook the body gently.

"Cody, get up. You're fine; we've got to go now. I don't want them coming back, cutie. C'mon! We've got to go..."

The boy's eyes tightened, and Simon almost cried out in joy. He smiled when he saw Cody's bright, orange-amber eyes open. They were hazy, and he parted his lips ever so slightly. Simon sat up, feeling every pore in his body screaming with relief. He pulled Cody into his body, holding him close. He went to run his fingers through the blonde's curly hair, but stopped when he felt his hand become wet with something. He looked at his hand; it was covered in blood. The gash on Cody's head was bleeding onto his lap, and he felt a bubble of pain in his stomach.

"C-Cody! Cody, speak to me, please..."

"...S...S-S-Simon...do you r-remember the time when you found your favorite sh-shirt, all covered in honey? And I t-told you I didn't do it?" A broken smile. "W-Well I lied. I was making tea, and I spilt a-all the honey-"

He grimaced in pain, and Simon's eyes flooded with tears, and he could not stop the sobs from shaking his entire body. Cody's hazy vision somehow saw this, and he reached a hand up to Simon's face.

"Why...are you so sad, Simon? Smile..."

There was sunshine peering through the windows of the small cafe. The small, curly-haired blonde's bright amber eyes scanned quickly over the menu, peeking up every once in a while to watch a bird from the window; it pecked the ground, and he smiled. He wished he was a bird. Nobody looked at birds the way they all looked at him.

A small group of people walked in; four women and a man, at least 6'3, and towering over the others. The girls all giggled together, while he merely raised an eyebrow in amusement. The blonde blushed, his eyes darting back to his menu. The tall one was just so cute...

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he looked up to see a waitress; a brunette with green eyes and a bright smile.

"Oh! Wow, look at your eyes! How beautiful! Like a little angel!"

He blushed, and the tall one glanced over. Their eyes locked; eyes the color of the ocean met eyes the color of a deep sunset, and both felt a jolt of electricity go through their spines. For a moment, neither said a thing, until finally, the tall one did something that would cause the smaller to leap and blush brightly-he smiled.

A sharp pain brought Cody back from his small daydream, and he gasped. Simon pulled his hand back from Cody's head, still sobbing.

"You have to stay with me a bit longer, Cody...I called the ambulance, they'll be here soon...just hang on, okay?"

Cody smiled brightly.

"I will, I will...and then we can finally leave this place...and go to that...that place you were talking about..."

"Oh, yea...we'll leave as soon as you get better, and we get this all fixed..."

"Yea...it'll be so great..."

Cody was crying, and he did not know why. Tears ran like streams down his face, and he felt his breathing becoming more rapid, as if suddenly he couldn't get any oxygen. He was thirsty; his lips and throat were so dry...

"I ache, Simon..." he whimpered, sniffing. "I ache so bad..."

"Listen! The sirens! Can you hear them? They're coming to save you, Cody...don't you dare go anywhere..."

The pain...it was white hot, and he felt in the back of his mind the start of sleep coming on. He sighed, closing his eyes. Simon jerked him back awake with a kiss.

"No! Stay awake with me, Cody!"

"But Simon...I'm so tired..."

"C-Cody!" Simon choked on his tears, and held him tighter, crying into his wet, soft, curly blonde hair. He loved that hair...

"Uhm...Simon, I wanted to tell you something..."

"Oh yea?"

"Yea...I love...uh..."

Simon cocked his head to the side, heart beating in anticipation. When Cody didn't say anything, just continued to blush, Simon reached out and tugged on a curly lock of hair.

"Want to know what I love?"


"Your hair. It's so curly, and so soft...like feathers..."

His blush was deep, and his smile light.

"Th-thanks...I like it when you touch my hair like that..."

He smiled, and simply played with Cody's hair for a moment.

"...Want to know what else I love?"



Cody began to shiver, and his teeth started to chatter. His entire body shook in Simon's hand, and he looked nervously at the beaten boy in his arms.

"B-Baby, please, stop shaking...are you cold?"

"F-Freezing, actually...."

The ambulance had parked nearby, and surely they were searching for the pair already. Cody grabbed Simon's shirt, and pulled him down so he could whisper. His fingers laced with Simons, and he clutched with all of his might.

There's a place for us

A time and place for us

Hold my hand and we're halfway there

Hold my hand and I'll take you there


"I love you with all of me," he whispered, his eyes burning with tears. Simon's eyes were wide, and he frowned.

"Don't talk like these are your last words...I love you too, Baby."

Cody smiled, and when he closed his eyes it felt too good to describe. His hand went limp, and he let out a sigh.


A thousand images flashed through his mind all at once, and a thousand words were heard above his own gasp.

A smile...

"Cody, you idiot!"

A gentle touch...

"Don't get sick, alright?"

A soft caress...

"I'll protect you. Let me take away everything you're scared of."

A heated kiss...

"I want you, Cody...God your hair smells so good!"

A handsome man, smiling in the moonlight. He points to a star.

"I remember a place, Baby; it's so beautiful. It's always summer, and the nights are as long as the days. It's wonderful...I'll take you there, Cody."

A grin, fingers lacing, and a soft kiss to his cheek.

"We'll go together."

Eyes as soft as the sea...

"As soon as high school is done, let's go to that place!"

"I can't believe you remember that, Baby. You're crazy..."

Warm lips, and an emotion welling up more powerful than anything in the world...and a soft whisper, gently in his ear...

"I love you, Baby."

"I love you, Baby."



"I did it, boys. Take a well-earned bow."

I'm not sure if this was any good, but it just popped into my head while I was watching West Side Story. It's a beautiful song, really. Please tell me how it is? Many thanks!