life was gone when you set greedy eyes on the silver orb hanging in the sky
wistful thinking on your part to think that i would merely die
life was gone when you centered all your thoughts on the yellow light in the blue
wishful thinking on my part to think i could have fallen in love with you
whispered words were showered upon my head
whispered words were all that was to be said

(vital is your presence in my life)
(entitled to your love am i)

reality left when you grasped for the silver orb dropped into the sky
wistful words of love from your mouth were enough to make me want to die
reality left when you stole the yellow light that rested in the blue
wishful words of love from my mouth were enough to tape my heart to you
whispered thoughts are bombarding my mind
whispered thoughts are all that show through time

(vital is your love in my world)
(entitled to your presence is my form)

make me a life without you inside where i can be free
free to live and free to bleed
and i'll make you a life where i'm not here and you'll be free
free to stay and free to leave

and we'll relish the feeling of vitality
running through silver veins