(A chair sits in the middle of the stage)

(Josie standing center stage, with spotlight. Voices from offstage)

"Car accident… One female, one male in serious condition…

Josie- Julian...

"Car accident… One female…"

Josie- Julian?

"Miss? Miss, what is your name?"

J- Josie Haines.

"Do you know where you are?"

J-No. Where's Julian?

(lights down. Sound of baby crying. Lights up)

(Josie standing with nurse)

J- Is he going to be ok?

N- We can't be sure yet. He's very seriously injured. I don't want to get your hopes up; I'm sorry, but he might not make it through.

J- Can I see him?

N- Not just yet, he's still in surgery.

(Nurse leaves, Josie sits)

J- I lost the baby yesterday Julian.

(That monitor beeping noise)

J-I hate this.

(enter Curtis)

C- Hello. (holds out hand)

J- Hi…

C- I hear you have a problem. One I can help you with.

J- I don't have any money. Or a problem that can be fixed with money anyway.

C- How lucky for you that I don't trade in either of those things then.

J- I'm sorry, who are you?

C- I'm the devil, sort of. I've come to make you a deal.

J- You'll take my soul?

C- If you want.

J- Then you can save Julian? You can make him live?

C- I wouldn't be here if I couldn't.

(shake hands)

C- Thank you for your business. Have a nice life!

(Exit Curtis. Enter doctor)

D- Josie Haines?

J- Yes?

D- We'd like to try a surgical procedure that should improve your fiancés chances dramatically, if it works. It's a risky procedure, as it's still in the experimental phase, but if you'd like to try…

(Josie looks to where Curtis left)

J- Do it.

(lights down, and up)

(enter doctor. Quiet talking. Exit doctor. Josie sits, cries.)

J- It's not that I'm sad; I'm just a crybaby. I cry all the time. When I'm embarrassed, or angry, or very happy, when I'm relieved… And I'm so relieved. You know that feeling, after so much tension and tragedy, when it's finally over, and it all turned out happy in the end. It makes you feel so empty. So tired.

(Takes a nap. Enter Julian)

(hug – happy, happy)

Julian- Thank god you're ok.

J-But I lost the baby…

Julian- It's ok. It doesn't matter anymore.

(Josie turns to audience, Julian freezes)

J- That's what he said. And we were happy. For a while.

(Exit Julian)

J- But then he stopped seeing me first thing when he came into the room. He no longer saw my face in a crowd. I still believed we would be happy until –

(enter Julian)

Julian- Josie! We need to talk.

J-Yes? takes his hand

Julian- I can't do this anymore. I can't… I can't be with you anymore.

(Gives Josie something, audience can't see. Exit Julian)

J- He gave his ring back. I kept the one he gave me, after I proposed to him. Back then he said, he said it should have been him. He said if I had only waited… (drops ring) It was an ugly thing anyway.

(Josie pulls chair up and to the side)

J- Time passed – not long, but it was so slow. Time moves so slowly when you're trying to forget.

(Enter Julian and another woman, walking by)

J- Julian.

(Exit Julian)

J- And I can't stand it anymore.

(Josie pulls box from under chair, takes out gun and holds it up)

J- I had no idea how this thing works. I had to ask the man I bought it from… (Silent. Look out at audience) Well, I guess this is goodbye.

(lights down)