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Chapter One

The most luscious tales ever told in time were the ones of the enchanted valley, the Valley of Karas. A land where beautiful creatures lived; fluttering fairies, tricky pixies, cruel mermaids, and roaring dragons. It was a fantasy land, but normal as well. Karas had many villages, lots of people and a kingdom, as well as plenty of darkness. Secrets were hidden under the roots of willows, buried in the mountains, and deep inside peoples' hearts. After all, darkness is half of everything…

She screamed under the pressure, the pounding of the nails into her skin making her mind go blank. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, soon, just soon the pain would reside; this was the price she had to pay. Aras cried out in agony as the man pounded another nail into her-

"NAILS? Sara that has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever read! What in the worl-"

"Do you EVER shut up!?" Sara shouted turning around and glaring at the man behind her, "If you don't like it then don't read over my shoulder, idiot."

The man raised an eyebrow and then took a seat next to the girl, he watched her as she swiftly took her pen and wrote down the end of the sentence. –into her back. She could feel her dress stick to her skin drenched with her own blood, it felt warm. She chocked out a sob as she heard the burly man move, would he put in another?

Sara sighed and put down her red pen; she took her paper and looked over it once more. She was moving ever closer to the end of her new book and was still trying to figure out the most crucial part of the book, the ending.

"Ryu can you hand me my tea?" Sara whispered, her anger gone down to nothing. She heard her best friend get up and walk across the room to get the tea. She felt bad for yelling at him, but she knew he wouldn't mind. Ryu handed her the hot tea and then sat back down. He watched as Sara sipped it and he smiled.

His best friend was one of the most renown authors in Karas, she had written the best horror stories that turned into actual legends. The villagers believed her fiction and a lot had nightmares, but that's what's keeping people to come back for more. It was only Sara who could write something so frightening, she was a legend herself. Ryu loved her stories as well; he had them all and was always surprised to what the ending would be.

"What's your plan for this book, you seem to be more intense then how you usually are…" Ryu asked quietly, not trying to disturb her concentration. Sara turned her head to look at him and sipped her tea once more.

"I want this one to be the best one, I want this one to really grab at your heart, this one's special to me."

"They all are so good, how could they get any better?" Sara didn't answer, but only stared into the wall.

Ryu knew she wouldn't say it, but asked anyway, "What's the ending? Will Aras ever get her freedom? Will someone ever find out what that man does to her?"

Sara cocked her head to one side, "I have no idea, it all depends on if she'll let them all in on the secret, if they will all get the hints she gives off. I guess we'll both have to see, now won't we?" She laughed, got up and stretched like a cat. She laughed as Ryu almost fell as she pulled him up.

"C'mon you klutz, let's go get something to eat, I feel like something sour, and chicken."

"You always feel like something sour, I should just rename you Soura!" They both laughed as they walked out into the fresh air and then Sara came to a halt.

"Wait Ryu I forgot my purse, I'll be right back!" She sprinted back into the house and grabbed her red purse when her blue folder caught her eye, the folder her story was in. Sara walked over and touched it and chuckled to herself.

"Soura huh? Now that would just ruin everything…everything I've planned."

Ok that was incredibly short, but it will get longer (and better) I wonder is anybody got a hint there to a secret....