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Chapter 5

Eyes shot open as a thunderous boom blasted Karas in the dark night. Ryu immediately looked down to check if the two girls were still sleeping and sighed in relief for they were. Kiwi was off of his thigh and spread out on the other side of the white couch and snoring through the storm outside. Ryu had never known someone that could do that, sleep through any noise possible. Was she even human? The man snorted softly, of course she wasn't human, she was a pixie! Maybe all pixies could do that, but then again maybe it was only her…she must have been the laziest girl he knew. He once tried to record her daily agenda which included: morning; get up, yell at Ryu; Noon; steal food from passing people/ Sara, yell at Ryu; Evening; cuddle up to Sara and watch her write; yell at Ryu. But even though she yells at him every hour of the day, he still liked her. She had some sweet moments and those were the ones that Ryu truly treasured.

His blue eyes shifted to Sara who was still silently dreaming on his shoulder, which was starting to get numb. She shifted against him unconsciously and her hand fell on the man's thigh, ever closer to something more.

"Sara!!" Ryu exclaimed silently and gently put her hand back into her own lap. Still shocked he decided that he had to get up. He gently got up and laid his friend onto the chair arm. She resisted, but got herself comfortable as she slept. The blonde took a deep breathe and stretched like a cat from a long and nice nap. He wondered what Sara could possibly be dreaming about; she had the craziest dreams. She told him about one dream where the both of them had gone to a candy land where everything was made of sugar. It had everything, chocolate, lollipops, rock candy and all the way to gumdrops. It was like a super colorful paradise that anyone would go to at least once. In the candy land Ryu and Sara had climbed to the top of a chocolate mountain and were told that they could eat their way down the mountain. Sara said that apparently in the dream that Ryu ate more than her and so she pushed him down the mountain and he fell into the chocolate river at the bottom, Sara said that she woke up laughing. Who knows if at this moment she's dreaming of dancing in the ocean right now as a mermaid or something…

A crack of bright light lit up the room for a second and then the expected monstrous boom made the house tremble. Ryu took a hold one of the candles for support and walked to Sara's room to get a few blankets. It was raining, raining hard. The sounds of the rain thundering into the roof sent shivers down his spine all the way to his toes. He prayed and prayed that nothing would happen, that everything would go okay; no one was going to die. But the rain still poured and poured, it was like God was shooting bullets at Karas. You'd have to dodge them or else something bad would occur, something like entering Heaven, or possibly Hell.

He wondered what he'd do if the rain took Sara with it. If the drops from heaven soaked her clothes to her skin as she shivered, reaching out her hand to catch her soul before it drifted too far away. If her dark eyes glazed over when she'd scream; her fingers lightly touching her life and barely grasping it, but she's lost her last breathe for her soul took flight away from home. Ryu cursed at himself for thinking such thoughts, there was no way that he'd allow Sara to leave him; he'd catch her soul for her if that ever happened! A part of him believed that she was immortal, that she could never die. Everyone has the same fate in death, but she just couldn't go.

Running back to the living room, Ryu sighed in relief as Sara was still asleep in the position her left her in, still gently breathing as the pixie next to her snored like an old man. Maybe Kiwi IS an old man in disguise? He snorted; she sure acted like an old man.

He tiptoed back to Sara's room and grabbed some blankets to gather some warmth for Sara and Kiwi, but something red caught his eye; it was her folder that 'Aras' was kept in. He set down the blankets and took a step toward the desk to which it was on. No Ryu, you shouldn't read it! Just…just go get the blankets and go back to sleep with Sara!! But his curiosity was too overwhelming, he heard that she had just finished a chapter…he HAD to read it. Ryu quickly picked up the folder and opened it to find the novel in progress. Skipping to where he had last left off, he began to read…

"Beautiful poem, how did she come up with that? She should seriously make a book of poems…" He whispered to himself as he read.

"Crete Lunalo…interesting name…"

'Aras died to scream out that he's the one that set up the plan to attack Karas, to brutally drench Karas in blood in jealousy of its beauty. She heard that so many people died those two nights; people killed off like stepping on insects while Crete stayed in this home and relaxed.'

"What…? But…was this attack the same as mom's…?" Ryu spoke normally now, his eyes frantically searching the chapter. Luke Karson…?…

"'A hue of the brightest blue, she felt as if she was staring into the blue sea that she had heard stories about, but longed to see.'" He repeated Aras's thoughts to himself, he knew who this was. "This…is my father…he went to Zanna…to sell his medicine?" Ryu's eye were wide with shock and anticipation, what would happen…?

'"Y'know Mr. Luke Karson, we're not interested in your damn medicine!" He yelled while punching the man in the stomach and crushing his neck and throat completely; blood littered the hard wood floor and Luke fell, as a corpse.'

The man stopped breathing as tears rolled down his cheeks. He dropped the story and they fell faster and faster as Ryu slipped to the ground and pounded his fists into the floor. His father was murdered…So that's why he hasn't come home, no…this isn't happening! NO! He cried out and sobbed into his hands and then heard the hammering of footsteps coming towards the room.

"Ryu! What's the…oh…" Sara's voice cracked as she knew exactly what happened, Ryu knew about it. He looked up at her and stood up; chocking on his sobs to make out words.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW ARAS!?" He yelled at Sara while frightening the pixie who had just happened to fly in wondering what the commotion was.

"She…I…" Sara struggled on her words and yelped as Ryu shook her shoulders hard and rough.

"Who…who the FUCK is she!? SARA!" Ryu sobbed as he was now just gently shaking her shoulders back and forth.

"Why my father? How long ago did he die…?" Tears leaked from Sara's own eyes and latched onto the man in an embrace; he hugged her back fiercely. She could feel the wetness of tears run through her hair.

"When Aras was sixteen…he died six years ago…I'm sorry," Sara whispered into his chest, rocking him back and forth. Ryu stayed silent and just cried, it only happened to rain.

Kiwi sat silently on Sara's bed; she knew exactly what happened and all about it. She pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them, it would've been only time when Ryu would find out. Kiwi knew that he died since it happened; she had the power to look into a person's past. She hated the ability more than anything, but it was something that all pixies are acquired with since birth. It was the law that they couldn't tell what they saw and it hurt, but Kiwi wanted to say something.

Minutes passed like hours and the rain kept falling as it always does, it looked like the storm wasn't over yet…


Aras couldn't sleep that night and sat against her window in the top room of the mansion. She watched the moon, stars and the wind slowly pass her by. The screams of Luke still haunted her mind and thoughts. Cleaning up all the spilt blood and dragging his limp body to the back of the mansion and off the cliff for all the crows to find. Aras still didn't find it a coincidence that Crete just had to build his mansion in front of a cliff.

She couldn't stand him anymore! The way he thinks, the way he reeks of alcohol every night when he comes home, the way he murders innocent people, everything about him made Aras want to hurl. His orders and his demands, everything, Aras hated everything! She had to leave; she had to get out of the mansion. But it was impossible for her to escape because Crete would just go after her anyway and kill her, Aras knew too much about him. Where would she go? This was her only home if she called it a home even, more like a place to be.

A door slammed; Crete was home. Aras quickly jumped into her bed and closed her eyes, she prayed that the man wouldn't come up to her room. She could hear his slow and heavy footsteps throughout the mansion and her heart sunk as the steps started going up the stairs to her room. Aras didn't realize that she had been holding her breathe the whole time.

The door creaked as it opened and a rush of cool air flew in. The man closed the door and hummed to himself what sounded like a lullaby.

"Oh, Araaaas…hmmmm…" He was drunk and the girl knew what he was like drunk all too well. A few more steps and then he sat on her bed and rested a hand on her hip; Aras gasped and her eyes flew open and turned her head over her shoulder to look at him. He had a smirk on his face.

"I knew you were faking Aras, if you were actually asleep, you would have shifted and groaned when I walked into the room. You were as stiff as a dead girl this time." He chuckled and squeezed her hip tighter. Immediately Aras put her hand on top on his to get it off her body.

"Crete…you're drunk. Go to sleep." Aras commanded in a quiet voice and winced at the increasing glare in his eyes. But Crete didn't intend to leave until he was satisfied with her. He forced her onto her back and crawled over her; one hand got a grip of her hair and the other touched the skin under her shirt.

"No! G…Get off of me!!" Aras screamed while she struggled against him and pounded into his chest. The hand grabbing Aras's hair quickly went to her hands to hold them over her head. Aras still screamed at him to stop and tried to thrash against him to get loose from his grasp; it didn't work. Crete leaned his head down and smashed his lips against hers and smirked for when she gasped he slipped his tongue into her mouth. His tongue explored her mouth and caressed her own tongue, his plan was working. Aras felt dizzy and paralyzed; this happened every time. It was like he cursed her as he kissed her so she couldn't move, couldn't breathe, and couldn't scream. Every time she would cry there softly as he had his way with her; she hated herself for not stopping it all, but hated everyone else for not noticing.

His kisses were fierce and painful for he bit her lip till it bleed, then ran his tongue along and suck out the blood. Crete's lips finally left hers and began to run his tongue down her frail throat and then to her collarbone, lightly nipping at it to make his mark. Aras tried to keep calm but couldn't help panicking, every time was like the first time, every harsh stroke and every painful gasp. She had enough, it was too painful.

Crete let go of her hands and worked on unbuttoning her shirt, cursing at the button for not coming apart, Aras immediately took advantage of this moment. She knew that Crete always carried a pocket knife in his left back pocket of his pants. Finding courage and strength, she ran her hand down his back sensually to get Crete's mind to think that she was actually enjoying him; Crete moaned in her success. Finally reaching his pants, she slipped into the pocket and grabbed the knife and breathed in relief.

"Hmm, Aras, were you drinking too? I didn't know you could be so…sensual. I thought you hated me." He slurred drunkenly while biting Aras's earlobe. The girl smiled for the first time her life as she raised the knife up above Crete's back.

"You're right, I DO hate you!!" She yelled as she plunged the knife into his back. Crete immediately rolled off of the bed and roared in pain and turned his head at the girl.

"You bitch! I'll kill you!" Crete yelled and tried to get up through the fact that his spine was injured from the impact of the blade, but Aras was faster, she knew this was her only chance at succeeding. She hit the man to push him back onto the floor and grabbed the knife out of him to plunge it in as many times as she could, not noticing tears drip down her face. His blood scattered her clothes and she forgot to breathe; Crete lied still on her floor. Aras finally chocked out a sob and looked at what she did; she filled his back with holes and created a river of blood. She trembled and put two fingers against his neck, his skin giving her a chill; he was dead.

She got up and ran. Down the staircases, through the halls, and out the front door; she was free. She had never felt this good, and she never imagined that ending someone's life could be so easy, so quick. The fresh air that she had never been able to smell lifted her spirits and she felt like she had wings, it was a new day.

Aras didn't care that she was covered in blood, or that the scars on her body showed, she care about anything but to get away. Her legs carried her to Zanna's borders and the moon shone down to give light for her feet to walk. Where Aras would go, she didn't know. She imagined just walking until she got to a village, a village known for it's beauty and kindness, somewhere where no one would treat her bad, where she could live in peace for the first time. So many fantasies filled Aras's mind until she felt dizzy; the feeling was amazing.

She walked and ran until the sun awoke the world and until she felt so tired that she couldn't move, she needed to find somewhere soon. Suddenly, the rays from the sun lit a beautiful place that she could have never imagined. Clear skies, bright blue rivers and deep green forests. The kingdom there sparkled with people and houses; it shone with a bright light.

When she finally walked along a dusty path into the village and looked around everywhere at the few people up so early, they were all smiling, no one even reminded her of Zanna; where was she?

Aras hadn't thought about her looks until she saw a boy coming out of his house. She tried to cover the bloodstains but it was too late for the boy came running at her.

"Oh lord, you're covered in blood. Are you alright? What happened?" The boy asked as he took her hand to lead her to his home.

"Oh, um I just…fell. It was nothing…" Aras tried giving an excuse, she wasn't about to expose anything, she was going to forget Zanna for good.

"Well…even so, come with me, let me get you cleaned up and I can give you some medicine." The boy smiled a big grin and turned around to look at the girl when she stopped walking.

"Where are we?" Aras whispered and watched as the boy looked at her exquisitely. He was tall and slim and had bright blonde hair that was shoulder length, and the most incredibly blue eyes. She found herself lost in them and shook to her senses when he responded.

"Karas, we're in Karas. Where are you from? Do you have family here or…?" Aras shook her head to his questions and started walking again with him.

"I guess, I just need a place to stay, I think it's lovely here." Aras smiled at the boy and he chuckled back.

"Sure, I can help you then. But first I'll get you some new clothes and medicine, you look very tired."

"I am, I appreciate your help, thank you."

"Of course! I wouldn't do anything less for a new friend. What's your name?" He asked and smiled once they got to the gate of his home.

"My name's Sara, what about you?"

"Ryu, I hope you like it here."

The End

Sara sighed as she put down her red pen; she finished. She felt happy to finally get it done, but it hurt to sort through those memories; writing down her scars took a toll. She wondered how everyone would react to the end. Hopefully this book wouldn't end her career and her friendship with the most important person.

Ryu was currently asleep on her bed; it took minutes to get him to calm down. Those minutes felt like hours as he sobbed. She hated herself for hurting Ryu like that but she wanted him to know the truth, and she didn't want to lie about what happened. Ryu fell asleep before she knew if he was still mad, Sara felt like crying. She held him like a mother holding a child and almost sang a lullaby. She knew that the man would go on with his life like nothing happened, but she couldn't forgive herself for not telling him sooner, she didn't want him to find out this way.

It still rained in Karas. Pixie went back to sleep snuggled up against Ryu like a sister comforting her big brother. They shared a special bond that no one else could have, it seemed like they fought and fought, but they couldn't love each other more. It kind of reminded Sara of her relationship with the man; she always picked on him and yelled at him, but she loved him more than anything.

A light moan and a stir came from Ryu as he was waking up. Sara watched as he opened up his eyes and then yawned. He slowly got up to not disturb the sleeping pixie and smiled at Sara.

"My head hurts like I got run over by a herd of dragons, god, I hadn't cried that much since my mom died." Ryu chuckled as he put his hands against his head to stop the throbbing headache.

"I'm sorry Ryu, I shouldn't have included your father in the story…I just wanted to get the truth out. Maybe it wasn't really him…maybe he's still alive…" Sara suggested hopefully as the man shook his head.

"No, he would have been home by now if he was still alive. My father would visit us, I'm positive. It sounded exactly like him in 'Aras', it had to be him." He whispered and look toward the floor. Sara saw Ryu wiggle his toes against one another; it was probably one of his habits for when he was nervous or didn't know what to say.

"Let's go into the living room by the fire, I'm starting to feel cold." Sara insisted as Ryu immediately nodded. The girl remembered to grab 'Aras' to take with her.

They both sat among the couch and Ryu smiled at the warmth of the fire and turned to see the folder of the story in Sara's hands.

"Is the next chapter done?"

"Yes…the last chapter…do…you…?" Sara nervously asked and almost squeaked as the man took the story from her hands.

"Of course! I need to find out how this ends…" Ryu grinned and began to read, not noticing Sara bite her nails. She knew the soon Ryu would know everything about her and it was nerve-wracking.

"I hate this Crete dude; he really needs to be stabbed…" Ryu spoke to himself and Sara's eyes widened and burrowed her face into the arm of the couch. She could feel Ryu shift nervously in his spot; he must have gotten to that scene…

"Oh lord, Aras is going to get raped..." Ryu whispered and then slightly gasped at what he was reading.

"Oh, she's going for the knife!" And then Ryu sqeaked and turned to Sara who was still buried in the arm.

"She killed him!! Did she really kill him?" He asked excitedly and then turned back to reading once Sara nodded her head. There was a silence after that for minutes; no noise from Ryu at all. Sara sat up straight and saw Ryu's eyes wide and intensely reading; he was on the last page.

Finally he finished and slowly turned to look at the girl, he tried to speak but no words came out.

"Th…that's me and…Aras was you?"


"B…but how?" It seemed like Ryu was lost for words.

"I gave a hint throughout the whole book. Spell Aras backwards and you'll see."

"I don't see what that has to do with anything…oh my god! Aras spelled backwards is Sara…It really was you. God, I feel like an idiot, that was so easy to figure out." Ryu laughed for a moment but then turned to look Sara seriously in the eyes; bright blue on dark brown.

"You were raped and beaten before you came to Karas? Is all the things that he did to you true?" He quietly asked and frowned as Sara nodded.

" I can't believe this…Sara, that's terrible. That man…he…nailed nails into your back…made you clean up my own father…he took away your innocence…I can't believe this man…" Ryu spoke angrily and got up to pace back and forth.

"If you didn't already kill him I'd have to murder him, I can't believe how sadistic this man is! He took you in when you were abandoned by everyone; you were like a slave more than like a daughter!" Ryu growled and held onto the edges of his shirt so he wouldn't lose his control and break everything around him; Sara had never seen him so angry. Her Ryu had always been a calm and peaceful guy! She quickly got up and held onto his arms; she looked into his eyes.

"Ryu, he's gone! Everything is okay now, I'm fine now; that was all of the past. He's been dead for six years and I've been having the happiest life for six years. Please Ryu, calm down!" Sara begged and was surprised when a tear leaked down her soft cheek. Ryu suddenly took Sara in a big hug and the girl's heart took an extra beat as his lips kissed away the lone tear.

"I'm sorry; it's just that…I can't stand anyone who hurts you…and I…I…" Ryu held the girl tight and looked into her eyes.

"Sara, it's because I love you!" And with that confession he lightly kissed the girl. Sara's eyes widened in shock and gripped onto the man's shirt; it was her first real kiss from someone who actually loved her. Crete's kisses were painful and forceful, but this kiss was warm and gentle. She was surprised at how soft Ryu's lips were. Before she knew what was happening, Sara kissed him back.

The kiss became deeper, but once Sara felt a slight touch of Ryu's tongue a flood of memories of Crete made her jump away from him. Ryu took notice of what he did and lightly held Sara in his arms.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have kissed you. My emotions just…took my control away." He whispered and felt Sara shake her head.

"No, it's okay, I just need to forget my past, it's wasn't you Ryu. I think…I think that I love you too." The instant she said it Sara felt love for the man; she had never thought about it before but the love was always there. Had she actually fallen in love with him? He had always been her best friend and he was the one who found her. He always stayed by her side and gave the support she needed to survive; how could she have not noticed her feelings before now?

"Sara is that true?" Ryu asked, afraid of what she would say and smiled as she looked up at him.

"Yes, I think that I've loved you all long." Sara then mustered up her courage and gave the man a peck on the lips. She laughed at the blush on his cheeks; it was always so noticeable when he blushed.

They then sat together on the couch and Ryu wrapped his arms around the girl as she snuggled up against him.



"Why do you love me?" Sara quietly asked.

"I love you because…well because of so many things. When I first saw you, I saw this beautiful girl who looked so lost. You were covered with so much blood and no matter how much blood came off, I knew that your heart was wounded; I wanted to help you heal it. I fell in love with your brutal personality and how you are so sweet to everyone. You yell at those close to you and you can be pretty mean, but I know that you are nicer than anyone. Your soul is so gorgeous and you look like an angel brought from heaven. You make me laugh so hard that I wet my pants and that I can't breathe and you are just so awesome. I also fell in love with your books and stories; you write so well that you're a legend. Your poetry is amazing and everything about you is so amazing…" Ryu told Sara and hugged her tighter; Sara didn't feel like arguing with him about how she, in her own opinion, can't write that well. Sara just felt like basking in the euphoria that she felt. Ryu leaned his head down to kiss Sara's cheek.

A sudden knock at the door stopped Sara from whatever she was about to say. Wondering who it could be, she got up and opened the door.

Sara's eyes widened at who was there; it was a pixie. It was a man with black spiked hair and what looked like an eyebrow piercing. He was wearing a black sleeveless jacket covered with spikes that was left open to show six pack abs. He had on black leather pants with a few chains here and there and some spiked boots; his wings were black and red with a clamp on of them.

"Um…yes?" Sara asked nervously.

"Hey babe, I just got into town and this damn storm decided to just spring out of nowhere, could I stay here for the night? I promise I won't hurt ya." The man winked and flew in through the door before Sara could say anything. Ryu looked in shock at the pixie as he landed on the head of the couch.

"The name's Strawberry," Ryu snorted and the pixie through him a glare, "and I've heard Karas is a cool place so I think I'll live here for awhile." Strawberry flew close to the fire to warm up.

"Um, yes, Karas is a great place…I'm Sara and the guy there is Ryu." Sara told the pixie.

"Hey, my pleasure." Strawberry spoke with a wink and then turned back to the fire.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened to reveal Kiwi yawning, "Hey, what's with the racket! Can't a girl get some…oh!" Kiwi stopped to see the other pixie and squeaked.

"Oh, baby." Strawberry whispered to himself and then flew over to Kiwi and kissed her hand.

"What's your name, baby?"

"Kiwi, yours?"

"Strawberry, and man, you are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my life, please, date me baby!" Kiwi giggled madly at the suggestion and jumped into Strawberry's arms.

"Of course my honey bunches of oats!!" Kiwi squealed and kissed the man on the lips.

"I love you baby! All the other pixie's in Zanna called me a fruit loop, let's express our love!"


And then the two fairies disappeared into the bedroom together and slammed the door. Ryu and Sara looked at each other with amused faces and burst out laughing.

"Who knew Kiwi was so…sexual!" Ryu's comment made Sara laugh even harder, Strawberry was definitely staying in Karas, probably for good. Ryu slowed down his laughter and managed to speak.

"Who knows, maybe we should start acting like Strawberry and Kiwi!" Ryu laughed and ducked behind the couch for Sara suddenly picked up a vase to throw at him. Before she could throw it a knock came at the front door.

"I always knew you were a pervert Ryu," Sara chuckled and smiled as she opened the door.

A flash a lightening and Sara dropped the vase at the perfect timing to the thunder. One of the glass shards cut her ankle and Ryu stood up with a worried expression.

"Sara…? Who…?" He questioned quietly and saw his love trembling, she whispered something that he could barely hear, but he heard it and ran to the door and pulled the frozen girl into his arms.

He had heard Sara whisper the name, 'Crete'.

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