Amethystdawn: I was listening to a bunch of songs that were kinda sad... and this image popped into my head. I wanna draw it so bad... but my left hand is kinda lame right now so yeah... thus the conversion to poetry which i present to you now. Read and review, my friends.

Release into Darkness
By: Amethystdawn

Her white shoes
They stand upon the edge
Contemplating life
Contemplating death

A bloom of red
Clutched in her hand

So tightly

Thorns pierce her soft palm
Crimson streaks upon fair skin
Drops falling slowly
Drip drip drip

Let go

The breeze plays with her hair
Whispering gently in her ear

He said he loved me

Scarlet petals flying in the wind
Memories taunting, jeering

Let go

She frees the rose
And takes one step
One step into emptiness
One step into darkness

Sweet release

The sound of silence
Falling, grasping at air

A body hits the ground
A sound no one can hear
A red blossom descends slowly
Landing ever so gently…

Upon a young girl's heart