Two poems I wrote today... dont readthem if youre just gonna critisize or flame...

I'm Done

My life is fucked,

simple as that

My life is completely fucked

I'm a goddamn doormat


I try to make it good,

but it all goes to shit

I try to have hope,

but everyone chucks a fit


So what can I do?

I fucking give up!!


What can I say?

I've fucking had enough


Fuck you all!!!


I'm done...

This came from a song I heard.... it might make no sense, sorry.


As I walk through the forest

of moonlight and shadows

I see the flowers decay

and the leaves curl in on themselves


It's because of me they are dying...

It's because of me they're in pain...


I walk in the fields,

of dappled light

(decay is everywhere)

green turns to brown

and everything dies


Because of me.


The beauty of the world

decays before my eyes

Everything dies

Because of me.