As I lay me down to sleep

I pray You my soul to keep.

I hope they die before I wake,

Those heathens, that snake.

The Pagans, the Jews,

Anyone with tattoos.

Destroy them all,

My Lord,

My God,

And just leave us.

Let the Atheists burn,

Let the Hindus rot,

Let the Buddhists

Be shot.

Kill the fags!

The bastards!

Living in sin!

How dare they

Spit in Your

Mighty holy face.

Wiccans are

The Devil's servants,

So purge them from the Earth!

They aren't worth

"Love thy neighbor".

Eradicate anyone

Who isn't like us.

Anyone who isn't


Anyone who isn't


Crush them to death

With Your holy word.

Mutilate them,

Maim them,

Beat them till they're bloody.

I know You can do it, God!

My friend,

My buddy.

We love You,


So just leave us!

I know You have the power,

It won't take much!

God, with red hot hellfire

Their filthy heads


What's that


You say that I've

Completely missed the point?