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Amour playfully attacked her master's feet as she got ready to go out. The kitten did this every single morning, glad that her playmate was finally awake. Deanne only wished she could be with her more. In France, she would be able to take the cat everywhere, but not here.

"I'm sorry" apologized the model as she picked the playful kitten up and cradled her in her arm while Amour silently released rhythmic purrs, "but I'm afraid I'm leaving again, but I'll make it up to you as soon as we get back home." Making promises to a cat sounded odd, Deanne knew, but as long as they were alone, what did it matter?

The sudden ringing of her hotel doorbell alerted her as she put the cat down on the bed where she quickly fell into a slumber. The visitors were of no surprise; Aurelie and Sebastien.

"Can we please leave as soon as possible; he hasn't stopped complaining since we left the house!" Aurelie wasted no time with a greeting, for she was on the brink of losing her mind.

"All we do is shop, shop, shop! We could have done the same in France, what's the point of being here?" Sebastien complained, tired of doing girl activities all the time. Deanne laughed, what did the man expect when he hung around two women all the time?

"I'll go get my purse and we can leave right away, and Sebastien, it could be fun, you never really know!" Deanne urged as she searched for the purse she had selected for that evening.

The women kept to her promise and wasted no time getting out the door. The three made plans to walk as opposed to driving, but of course, Aurelie still made the mistake of wearing stilettos.

"Lets stop somewhere and eat, then I can sit down, my feet are killing me!" the women complained, though she really was hungry. The other two let out a sigh in unison and agreed, why was it always Aurelie to be the one to bring up food?

The group agreed on a nearby Arbys, being to lazy and tired of hearing complaints about Aurelie's feet to stop anywhere else. Once seated, the women let out a sigh of relief as Deanne again giggled at her friend's stupid mistake.

"It's so nice for it to only be us three like it used to be, you know, before Brad." Aurelie blurted as she shoveled in curly fries. Sebastien rolled his eyes, true, he also didn't like Brad, but why did Aurelie have to start the conversations off with that?

"I thought you liked Brad, he helped you meet Steve." Deanne was truly about to believe her friend had finally come to accept him. Sebastien still said nothing; though it was still apparent he felt the same.

"No, I like Steve, not Brad. It's apparent he doesn't like me, and anyway, don't you remember what he did to you? The first time you told us about it you were crying, he was cruel and horrible, how can you go out with him?" The women asked, finally putting the food down and deciding to be serious for once.

"I know what he did was terrible, and I know I should get back at him by returning the favor and making him feel like how I felt, but I wouldn't be doing myself anything good at all. Not only would I come across like a bitch, but I'll also have to give him up for some stupid revenge. I love him, I have for some time, and I can't force myself to hold a grudge, that's like me getting angry at you two." She explained with the crazy logic she used to explain everything.

"If you like him Mademoiselle, we will tolerate him, but we cannot forgive him for what he has done to you, not so easily at least." Sebastien chimed in. They understood a little, but without being put in their friend's position, couldn't fully feel the same.

"That's all I ask" Deanne said simply. However, Aurelie was not prepared to let the conversation end so easily, her friend's happiness might be on the line.

"But how do you know he really loves you back? You're a model now, you know people will take advantage of that, why would you trust him that easily?" Aurelie asked in a tone that meant she demanded some answers quickly.

"Because, he doesn't look at me the same way he used to look at all the pretty girls at school, I know this is not lust. Anyway, it's not like I gave him money or anything, we're just dating, calm down Aurelie! I can dump him whenever I want, it's not like I'm dooming myself to an eternity with him!" Deanne laughed as Aurelie calmed down a bit. She knew this was true, but nevertheless, she still didn't like this Brad.

"Hey, remember me?" said a man with another man by his side. To tell the truth, Deanne hadn't the faintest clue, and for that she felt sort of snobbish.

"No, I'm terribly sorry, who are you again?" She asked, trying to sound as polite as possible while Aurelie and Sebastien looked to each other, then her, hoping to figure out as well who these two men were.

"I'm the one you dreamed naughty things about last night, let's make that come true." The friend snickered as this was said, and it was apparent the other one was mocking her as he said this, not respecting her at all.

Without warning, Sebastien jumped at the man and threw a punch at his face. "Don't ever disrespect her like that; consider this a warning, if you do so again, I'll rearrange your face!" Warned Sebastien, outraged by the filthy Americans' behavior.

"You son of a, I'll sue you for this!" spat the American man with a red cheek. Sebastien laughed, hoping everyone in this country wasn't so retarded.

"Go ahead; we'll get you with harassment! Leave Deanne alone or you'll wish you've never even looked at her!" warned Sebastien again, this time making the two take off with their tails between their legs.

Deanne silently thanked Sebastien for doing something she couldn't. She could never stand up to someone, and never be assertive, even if someone was being a perverted pig.

"Well, that was something new! Sebastien has a bad side, who could have guessed?" Exclaimed a laughing Aurelie as she gently punched her male friends arm. Sebastien gave her a glare, but soon began laughing as well.

"What, do you think I am a wimp?" he asked, though he already knew what the women was sure to say, and could probably mouth it out with her, and as he suspected, his assumptions were right.
"Of course we do! Hey stop that!" Aurelie again punched her friends forearm, this time for mocking her as she talked. Deanne began to giggle; it was always like this when the three of them went out.

"Can't I take you two anywhere?" she asked in a joking manner as her companions gave her innocent little smiles as if they didn't have the slightest clue about what she was talking about.

"Nope, haven't you figured that out yet? We're here with the soul purpose of annoying you and driving you straight into the nut house, like all friends do!" Aurelie joked as she slurped what was left of her soft drink in a rather rude manner.

The three walked out of the shoe store whilst Aurelie flaunted her new tennis shoes. The stilettos now lay inside the box of her new, more shopping efficient footwear. Sebastien again complained that it had taken her forever, which was answered with a simple, "You can't rush shoes, especially if I have to walk in them all day!"

"Well you wouldn't have even had to buy a new pair if you only were smart and wore something you'd be comfortable in!" the man shot back, tiered of hearing that excuse again.

"Well, Deanne likes my new shoes, don't you?" the women turned to her friend for reinforcements, and was very delighted when she smiled and said "yes, they are very nice". Sebastien just rolled his eyes, there was no hope.

"So what if Brad is unfaithful? What are you going to do? Are you going to just let him make a fool out of you?" Aurelie blurted out to her friend. She always seemed to be the one to blurt out inappropriate things at inappropriate times. It was yet another "skill" of hers.

"No, I'm sure back in France I'll get interviews about it, he'd be the one to look like a fool. But it doesn't matter, because that will not happen, you have to understand, we were just kids, he just wanted to fit in, and I'm sure he's sorry about it." Deanne tried to explain, though she knew Aurelie would never forgive Brad, even if she were to ever marry him.

"Sorry my ass! You're a model now, maybe that's why he has a sudden change of heart!" the women shouted in a loud and rude manner, making five or six people turn around and look at her before deciding they really didn't care much.

"I know it's more then that, I'll be okay, remember, I'm not the one who will come out looking like a fool if he really hasn't changed. I'll be fine, he's my first boyfriend, he's the first person to ever look at me the way that he does, that's not something I want to give up because of who he was ten years ago, especially when I loved him then." Deanne explained, looking to the ground so that she could prevent having to look into her friend's eyes.

Yeah, the only guy to look at you like that. Thought Sebastien with a sigh. Was he invisible to her? Hadn't she ever noticed that he looked at her the same way? But what did it matter, she liked Brad, they were destined to be together. They had both found each other after ten years and fallen in love, they were both unwed and single, and they were both nuts about each other. What chance did he have? Did he even really love her? Love her like a boyfriend? Or was it just that Deanne was his best friend for so long, that he loved her more like his little sister?

The answers to these questions remained unsolved as the man blocked out his two friend's discussions about that dress over there, or those cute pair of shoes. Suddenly, he didn't want to be at the mall anymore, he wanted to be at home, in France, when it used to be just Deanne and Aurelie.

He wanted to go back to the days were they tried to find days to meet up were their jobs didn't interfere, the days when they couldn't and if they wanted to meet up with each other they had to do it at somebody's photo shoot, or in Sebastien's case, some stranger's he was photographing.

He had wanted to go to America so bad. He had wanted Deanne to find what she was looking for, but now that she had finally found it, he wondered if it really was better this way.

He wondered if things were finally right with Deanne having Brad, forgiving his past self, and Aurelie having Steve, the man she was madly in love with, and with him, Sebastien, alone, and being torn further and further away from them, away from his best friend, the women he thought as of his annoying sister who he always picked on, and in turn got picked on by her, Aurelie, and Deanne, his love, or at least, who he thought was his love. Was this really better?

And what if they stayed in America? The very place Deanne and Aurelie used to hate was now like Heaven to them, and Sebastien, the enthusiastic one who wanted to visit a new place, was counting down the days till he was able to go home. Could Deanne pose for American magazines? French and American fashion was completely different, and he had once thought she preferred French, but had one trip back home made her change her mind?

What if she did? Sebastien didn't want to leave Deanne and Aurelie, they were his only friends, and he cared for them, but he couldn't last in America. He was already homesick, and if he had to make the choice, he would probably do the unbearable deed of saying goodbye to his two friends and life as he knew it.

Or, what if they had already grown apart by that time? He didn't know how much longer they're friendship could last with them going off into different directions. Sebastien sighed, wasn't this supposed to be a problem faced by kids graduating high school? Not adults, not individuals who already had their lives planned out.

The man remembered back in France, the day Deanne had gotten the letter. She didn't want to go, she was to afraid, to nervous, she had called him, and he talked her into going, he had said he and Aurelie would be there for her, so she had nothing to fear. Had this been a mistake? Had he just ruined his life?

Sebastien sighed, or was he just being greedy, after all, she was happy, even if that meant he lost her from his own life, wasn't her joy all that mattered? Or was he simply just thinking too much? These thoughts swirled in his head as he endured the rest of the shopping trip.