It hurts to think back to one year ago

Back when we were still together

Despite our fights, I always thought

That we'd end up together in the end

Married, and with kids, just like we dreamed

But then things started to go wrong

And I lost you, just like that

I tried to believe that it wasn't over

That we'd be able to make it through

But deep inside, I knew that it'd never be the same

So I tried to make myself hate you

Blaming you was better than crying

Myself to sleep every night

Now, one year later, I'll admit to myself

That I don't hate you, that I never could hate you

Because a part of me will always love you

A part of me will cling to the hope

That in the end, we'll still be together

And though I hate crying each night

I can't hate you for any of it

It was all probably my fault, anyways

But at least I can feel better

Knowing that no matter how much it hurts

You, at least, are happy

And that, my dear, is enough for me

I will cry myself to sleep every night

For the rest of my life, if it's needed

Because you, at least, are happy

And that's all I ever wanted