Just when I thought I was finally over you

You come back asking for another chance

Despite my best efforts, I'm falling again

I can't let you in, but it's all I ever wanted

I love you and I hate you

I just don't know anymore

I'd do anything to hear to feel safe again

But you couldn't care less about me

And I hate how you hurt me like that

Please tell me what I'm supposed to do

When the guy that I would run to for help

Is the one who left me here with a broken heart

All I can do is lock myself in my room and cry

Blast music from my stereo to fill the silence

I put all my trust in you, but I trusted the wrong person

I'll never be able to feel safe ever again, because of you

Here's my chance to make it all right again

To fix all the problems and get you back

My heart is telling me to stay with you

While my head is saying I need to let you go

Buteither way, I know I'll still be hurt

I don't want to have a broken heart

And I don't want hurt you

But I can't stand hating myself

And there's nothing else I can do

So I'm sorry, you're too late

And I guess this is goodbye