Thoughts swim in the back of my mind

While my head is creepily empty

The weight of them drags me down

So I sink to the bottom of this ocean

Yet I don't even know why I'm drowning

Don't you see me going under?

Or am I invisible to the world?

Can't you save me?

Or are you as useless as I feel?

My breath is caught in my throat

And I need to tell you the things

That I never had the courage to say before

So with my final breath

I'll gasp out those three fatal words

There's so much more I want to say

But I can die, having that said

You discovered my best kept secret

Right before I hit the bottom

I lived out my life in silence

Watching the world pass me by

My thoughts and feelings

Hidden for too long

Are getting revenge on their captor

Dragged to the ocean floor

There's nobody left to save me from myself

I guess this is what it's like to die

Alone and unloved, just like in life