These eyes always give me away

I feel so lifeless on the inside

While I'm smiling on the outside

But despite the smile, my eyes show it

They always show the truth

If people make eye contact, they look away

They can't stand looking me in the eyes

They see the truth when they look there

The truth that I try so hard to hide

I've become so lifeless, so numb

Each day I just go through the motions

I stopped really living a long time ago

I long for the happiness I once had

Yet I know that I'll never feel it again

There's no point to this anymore

This life is just a waste

I'm not needed in this world

It would be better off without me

I lived alone, so I must die alone

And my eyes show it to everyone

I don't want to be here anymore

That's why they don't look at me

They'd prefer to not know me

So that when I leave, it won't affect them

It's better that nobody cares

It's better that my eyes give me away