Her blue eyes glistened with yet another unshed tear, feeling this vulnerable just wasn't her thing. Throughout her life she had always been handed the worst cards in the deck, but for some reason things were looking bleaker than usual. The whole week had been pressing down on her, and she was glad to finally go home and relax with a warm cup of tea in her hands. Unlocking her front door she realized that there was a playing card jammed between the doorframes; at the spot where the lock meets the wall. The queen of hearts, she knew it was a deliberate choice, but the messenger was not so clear with his thoughts. The card was intact, so whatever was to come of it, must be good.

She scoffed at her own inner turmoil; it had been years since he came around, he wouldn't come back just to play another ridiculous game. They were both above childish antics; she was just letting her imagination get the best of her again. Deciding to let the whole situation slide of her shoulders she opened the door to her apartment, where she was promptly greeted with the smell of fresh rain, a scent that would always remind her of a time in her life when things seemed to be coming together; a time that was so far in her past she could hardly remember it. Leaving a trail of clothing behind her, she walked into the bathroom to start the tub, filling it almost to the brim; she slowly slid into his warm embrace. He always felt so right against her skin; his smell was something natural to her, as if it encompassed her whole existence. She sighed deeply and cuddled closer to his warm flesh, trying as hard as she could to bring herself closer to him. She closed her eyes to buy herself more time, because as always this moment would die soon.

She slowly woke from a deep sleep, the water in the tub had long since grown cold, and her skin was shriveled. She carefully stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself in a deep red towel, walking back into her bedroom she gave a fleeting glance to the pictures hanging on the walls. There was always something about the way he looked at her, even after all these years.