For years, I held such secret pride

In my ability to do "housework".

I could wash and iron my own clothes

Before many in my class

Even knew these things were done.

I hung up the washing, and

Occasionally, I'd even clean the floors.

But I've lost all that now,

And my pride with it, to a computer screen

I find more interesting, and phone

Conversations I can't do without.

I simply haven't the time,

I tell my father, when he rushes home

Between four-hour meetings,

And warms up a lunch of what's been left,

Half-rotting and unclosed on the

Kitchen counter, because I had homework.

I know it, you know, that the house

Is in similar condition to the food,

And we're slowly going to ruin,

But it's easier sitting down and

Watching, while Lakshmi and Kumari,

Every afternoon and evening then,

Do it all for me.

A/n: I have never known how to refer to Lakshmi and Kumari, as I find the terms "servant" and "domestic help" silly and uncomfortable, so I did it in the simplest, most natural way.