Isn't this a wonderful day?
The clouds skate by, figure-dancing
Nature scurries in all its splender
And I'm sharing this with the one I love

Perched between pillars of stone
Quite a distance away from the target
He can't see me from where he sits
And I'm sharing this with the one I love

For a moment all things seem shallow
In my arms she melts like marshmallows
We kiss the day away, forgetting
All the things that I could never say

I put my eye up to the sight
Crosshairs targeting his forehead
My finger curls itself around the trigger
Preparing to let my lover fire

The bench feels hard and uninviting
The planks of it bruising my back
I stand up to stretch my spine out
I see my love on the pavement dead

Shit, my finger twitched too early
I think I missed my target
Now he may be aware of where I am
I pack my love and make a run for it

Pressing my hand against her neck
I just can't stem the bleeding
I'm getting scared as time moves on
I no longer hear her breathing

Change of plans, I'm running towards the site
If things work out, I could finish this tonight
I creep up on the man on the ground with his wife
Hearing his cries for her, I know he's already dead

The man who shot her, I saw as he fled
I follow him closely as he books a flight
The plane leave today at midnight
Thirty-thousand feet and climbing, I'm going to take you out