In English, we read a poem similar to this. My teacher wanted us to make our own version of it. It was pretty fun, actually. And very easy, since no rhyming or rhythm was really required... but I managed to sneak in a few rhymes. Not particularly inredible, but a few people liked it so I decided to post.

Ten points if you identify all the little references!


I am from porcelain dolls,

from Play-Doh and bubbles.

I am from dry leaves and thick mud.

(There were spiders there

and glossy beetles.)

I am from the vines snaking the fence,

the slender black dog

whose barks would pierce when we did play...

Silly string everywhere.

I am from Cuties and shorts under dresses,

from Kerry and Kay.

I'm from elementary Crushes

and elementary Hushes,

from clean up and calm down.

I'm from Sugar Rabbit, Sweethang, and Isabel

with Alice, Stephen, Boots, and Freddie

with Alex, Jessica, Pig and Chum-Chum -

Kiss goodbye.

I am from Paul, John, Ringo, and George,

from Freddie, who wants to break free.

I am from Miss Vida, Noxeema and Chi-Chi,

from Kent Mansley, who works for the government.

On my shelf, rows of titles

all watched –

or to be watched -

and recorded again -

All home-movies of that wonderful When.