The sun was warm on my back as the band of cats traveled steadily uphill toward the crescent, the final bridge to their kingdom. My ears flitted restlessly back and forth, nose filled with the aromas of a sweet spring day. I still resembled a human in my awkward movements and height but already I was half my original size. Soon I would be all cat.

"Ready to meet our king Reyna?" the fair-haired cat purred, pupils dilating as he took me in. "You will surely have the heart of every cat in our land."

My pulse beat wildly at his obvious invitation and part of me wanted to get started on this kitten thing right away. The more I looked at him the harder my heart beat and I wondered whether I would come into heat straight after becoming a cat due to my fertile age. Tail swishing playfully I toyed with the idea of celebrating my entry into cat-dom right then and there with him but movement up ahead attracted my yellow eyes to a procession crossing the path in front of us. Lifting my nose to the air I recognised the scent of fresh earth and spring flowers coupled with a sweet perfume of something so indescribable I wondered if it were catnip.

"Who's up ahead?" I inquired of the fair hair.

"The forest elves, they share our realm but keep mainly to themselves in the thicket of the woods." He rubbed against me with a sound that made me shiver, whispering, "They won't cause us any harm."

So caught up in my mounting sexual desire I almost missed the robed female elf who gazed at me from beneath dark brown locks. Her steps were light, her clothes the same colour as the leaves and bushes surrounding her kind, seeming to meld in complete harmony with all the life around her. Besides being decidedly plain compared to some of the other elves I was not sure why my attention had been drawn to her so strongly until.... Yellow eyes met bright blue ones. A shock surged through my veins, awakening every nerve ending from my toes to the tips of my ears. I stumbled back and blinked, shaking my head to rid it of the odd sensations ricocheting through me. By the time I'd collected myself enough to look at the young woman again she and her fellows had disappeared.

"I've known the elves to have bewitching powers," the fair haired tom licked me reassuringly, "the king shall hear of this incident!"

"Please," I heard myself talking but didn't actually know what I was saying, "I just stumbled, don't hurt her."

Cocking his head curiously the fair hair's yellow eyes bore into mine but I found myself turning away, unable to explain, even to myself, what had happened. "Your human ways puzzle me but I will hold my tongue this time. Soon enough you will realise that the only way to survive is by beating down those who oppose you." He nudged me forward but I remained, staring loose jawed at him.

"But I thought this was a land of peace."

"It is, but if the elves out step their boundaries we have every right to fight them off as they do for us. It is the way; we keep to ourselves though we might share the same world."

Marching thoughtfully beside him I examined the state of the events. Here I was almost a full cat and beginning to have second thoughts. The reason I had been so set on coming here was to put my talents as a loving being to good use. I had thought the kingdom of the cats was peaceful and utopic. The cowardice of what I was doing swamped me in a vat of cold shame. I had run from the problems of my human life, and now there appeared to be no turning back. What was I going to do?

Breena- fairy land

Peaceful, Queen Spanish