I dream of peace for a dying world
And wake to electronic screams My world of redemptive violence

Where messiahs must be sacrificed
Saints must be martyred
Peacemakers must be assassinated

All our pantheons war with us
Bombs are labeled 'with love from God' Guns sent 'by care of heaven'
(Fragile now, don't drop it or you'll kill us all)

Holy men and women—but mostly men—tell us their God is the only one
And even that God has stopped speaking
Leaving us in the care of ancient books written by the hands of man
Whose hands can error even angels' words

And all the names and faces of God are merely constructs
Figments of personal perception Filtered through the kaleidoscope of our minds and souls
Masks we place on what we cannot understand
What our souls know would burn our mortal eyes to see

And all the good people who say they love their God don't respect It
Save the poor with pocket change instead of our lives and souls
(God helps those who help themselves)
As we send their jobs to dark-skinned children to save a dollar at the Superstore

And we ignore the blood that flows in oceans from the very cradle of life
While we liberate the oil fields and try to build a wall against philosophy
Fighting our intangible enemy while true evil smiles and hands us pills
Sorry, we can't help you, we're fighting for utopia within the gates of hell
(And you don't have anything we want)

Though if not for Karma, genetics and chance that could be us with AIDS
Dying slowly as our swollen bellied children starve
And it is yet to be determined whose karma is better And whose soul is cleaner

Televisions broadcast every minute and drop of blood
Yet if anyone looks up from their rose colored suburbia
It's only to say 'What a pity' and go back to the drowning American Dream
(That's now more likely to be achieved in France.)

We wave goodbye to children from our SUVs as they waddle off
To a smothered school that politicians can't keep from losing teachers and intelligence
Tax dollars are too busy funding schools that teach Latin Americans to kill their own people

And our Janus mindset lets us build weapons and make war to create peace And spread the seeds of democracy
(Though they won't grow when we water them with blood and tears)

Like a phoenix from the ashes, too bad we shot it down as it rose again
And still all we can say to the talking heads inside the stupid box
Is 'What a pity'

And we don't see that our true enemy
(The bipartisan enemy)
Is right there in our apathy
The only thing a gun is ever good for is shooting indifference in the head
(It would only be self-defense)