In the shadows he lurks,

Hungry eyes, orbs of the un-dead

He tracks his pray stealthily.

So good…she smells so good…

A cold breeze blows,

His long raven hair caresses his face

Dark clothes hug his slim body

He continues unnoticed

And he can smell his prey

Closer…come closer to me…

His tongue, it runs along white and impatient fangs

But he must wait

He must wait, and in silence he follows.

Hungry…so hungry…

His heart is pounding, he wants to feed

An ethereal being of the underworld

Wanderer of the night

Abandoned by the warmth and the light

His prey, she turns and looks

He melts from view

In the shadows he lives, in them he remains

Her blood calling to him

That sweet drink of under worldly nectar

So very close…

The sky is black, void of stars and moon

No observant eyes, no witnesses

They alley is his, all his

As is his prey

Closing the distance

Very hungry…

He is seductive, alluring

She is hypnotised

He pulls her to him slowly

As lovers they pose

So close…

He gently tilts back her head

Breath at her neck

Her blood, pulsing beneath his lips

I want…a taste…

And before the sun rises

That burning sphere from which he hides…

…He bites.