Hear it crash, the thunder of the bass

Rumbling away, it tears down your walls

The power surges, you feel it in your veins

Then silence; it never lasts

Then flash; it comes back

Shining its scrutinizing light on you

Watch as it jumps, careless and free

And then with a crash, it comes rumbling down

It brings the water

Silent drops of pain from the sky

I wonder it they are the tears of God

These droplets, the tears on this page

They show the grief, the agony

The suffering of many

Falling all around as though nothing else matters

Power, strength, fury, sorrow, madness, intent

The manifest of the human endeavor

The cleansing right to restore your sanity

The last chaos before the world of calm

It destroys with your hatred

Drowns with your sadness

Ignites with your passion

And all the while, you watch with reverence

As this life reigns from the heavens

As soon as it comes, it is gone

The shadow of the life you choose

And as it leaves, the light breaks through

Showing you the path ahead

But behind that light

Beyond the calm and full promises

You see a curtain of black

That glows from the point not seen

Waiting, patiently, for once again…