A/N- Okay, so here is my new cliche. The first and lastparagraphs ohe of this entry is written in current time- the rest is all a sort of flashback/prolouge.

All In the Family

I fingered the silky, lavender colored dress that was drapped over my body, falling softly down to my feet which were adorned in matching lavender heels. Tiny pieces of baby's breath and lavender were threaded through my scarlet, curly hair in a miniature halo. Two tendrils of hair had purposely escaped my up-do and had fallen into my face, swinging back in forth in front of my soft, brown eyes. Giving a resounding sigh, I took a last glance into the mirror, still a bit surprised to find myself adorned in a bridesmaid's dress. This time tomorrow I will have a new stepfather: Jeffery Issac Jacobs. This time tomorrow I will have a new stepbrother: Jason Keith Jacobs. This time tomorrow I will be the stepsister of the scum of this earth.

6 months earlier

I shifted uncomfortably in the hard leather seat I was situated on. My usually silky hair felt matted and greasy due to the obnoxious amounts of spaghetti sauce that was threaded through it. The baggy jeans and sweatshirt I was wearing seemed to be permanently ruined due to the fruit punch stains and congealed mashed potatoes. Next to me sat Jason Jacobs- the bane of my existence, the epitome of stupidity, the biggest jack of asses…see where I'm going?

The only slightly, somewhat, miniscule bit of good news about the situation was that Jason's normally perfectly tousled silky black hair was now covered in the cafeteria's specialty meat. I had to resist a snicker as a piece of jello began to drip down past one of his dark blue eyes and onto the floor of the principal's office. The principal himself was currently absent from the room- he was too busy trying to contact our parents for our 'inappropriate behavior'. Such behavior obviously included improper use of cafeteria food. But really, what are you supposed to do with cafeteria food? Surely not…eat it?

Jason, noticing my staring, snaped his head to the side to glare at me, "What the hell are you looking at Jones?" Yes, my last name is Jones. Could you get less original? I just have to thank my mother for giving me a more interesting first name: Adrian.

"The jello that is currently dripping off of your ugly face," I respond. Okay, not the most mature comment, but what do you expect from a seventeen year old who's pants are growing mold?

"Ugly?" Jason exclaimed in shock, "If you think I'm ugly, I suggest you buy yourself a paper bag for yourself due to how you look in comparison to me."

I rolled my eyes, "Just stop talking Jason. I'm already sick of you this semester, and it's only the first day of school."

Before Jason had time to respond, the principal's door slammed open and in walked Mr. Siers (the principal) and my mother Lydia. My mother gave me one of those stern 'you are so grounded till the next ice age' looks as she settled herself in the seat to my left. Mr. Siers walked behind his desk, settling himself in an over-sized, over-stuffed leather chair before saying, "Your father will be arriving any moment Mr. Jacobs."

"Can't wait," Jason mumbled, sliding further down into his seat.

Just at that moment, Jason's father burst through the door, an angry look adorning his face. "Jason, I got called out of my meeting because you were in a food fight?" he screamed. I winced at the tone of his voice while noticing that Jason didn't even flinch.

"Hey, the principal called you, not me."

I noticed that Jason's father looked absolutely nothing like him. While Jason had longer, jet black hair, his father had blonde hair that didn't even reach his ears. While Jason had dark blue eyes, his father's had an emerald green. They didn't even seem to have the same body structure. For the first time, I wondered if Jason was adopted. Jason's father turned to my mother, and held out a hand, "Sorry for the screaming. I'm Jeff, obviously Jason's father, and you are?"

My mother's face had taken in that primitive, hunting look. Ever since she had divorced my fatherfive years ago, she had taken special interest in becoming quite forward with men. "Miss Jones," she responded, emphasizing the miss, "Lydia to you." She gently shook his hand with a sly smile. I had to admit that my mother knew how to act around a man; she was forward, but knew when to tone it down. And her appearance helped also; like me, she had curly, red hair, but her eyes were a soft blue instead of my boring brown.

"Nice to meet you, Lydia. Although, it's unfortunate it has to be under these circumstances." On cue, my mother turned to glare at me. Jeff turned to glare at Jason. And the principal turned to glare at all of us.

"If you don't mind, I would like to get this meeting started," Mr. Siers sternly told us all.

"Of course, of course," Jeff responded, taking a seat next to my mother instead of next to his son.

"Now, as I informed both of you on the phone, I called you down here due to the disturbance your children created in the cafeteria. Not only was their fighting childish and stupid, but it was completely against school regulation. Now, I will be in charge of their school punishment, which includes complete clean up of the school cafeteria every day this week and two weeks worth of detention." Jason and I let out gasps of protest at the mention of this, but the principal continued, completely ignoring us, "But, I was hoping you two had a suggestion on how to make your children less hostile- especially towards each other."

"Well, I must say that me Adrian has certainly never been a hostile child," my mother replied, "in fact, she's actually a bit too quiet."

"Yes, Jason has never been a hostile kid either," Jeff said, "he's always been a popular boy, nice to everyone."

"That does seem to be the case with your children here at school," the principal told me parents, "but it seems that when with each other, they won't stop arguing for a minute. Now I'm thinking about making them due some required counseling together- you know, help them work out their hostility."

"No way!" Jason and I exclaim at the same time, and then glare at each other for saying the same thing.

"We'll be better. I swear," I hurridley say, preparing to plead to my mother and the principal.

"Yeah, we'll be best friends," Jason responds, his voice lacking the usual sarcasm that I know he's trying so hard to hide.

My mother gave a sigh, "I really most agree with Adrian. I think the detentions and the cafeteria cleaning is enough. We can't force our children to be friends."

"I completely agree with Lydia," Jeff put in, giving my mother a charming smile.

"Fine," the principal sighed, seeming a bit upset that his idea was turned down, "but if there's any more trouble from these two, than I highly suggest you re-think your decision. Maybe one day they could even get along."

6 months later (or current time)

That's how my mother and Jeff met- at a parent teacher conference. It wasn't exactly the most romantic of places, but somehow they took and instant liking to each other. And unfortunately, that left me in the awkward place of living in the same house as my worst enemy. It's all in the family I guess.

A/N- how do you guys like it? i decided on combing the hate/love and the stepbrother cliche. Also, i decided to write it in first person b/c i feel like i can devlope my characters more that way. Thnx for everyone who read the prolouge, the next chpt will be up soon and it will be the day of the wedding.