A/N: this is the first story in the collection, and it's probably my favourite. It's based loosely around this guy I met at college, and any feedback is welcome, as usual. Enjoy!

Dance, Dance.

He makes me think of dancing. I'm not entirely sure why, considering I've never danced in my life. In fact, I make a concerted effort not to dance in public, ever. Even at school dances, I offer to man the drink stall to avoid the dance floor. It's better than public humiliation, right?

But for some reason, whenever I look at this guy, I think of dancing. Like insane, fast-paced, head-banging, feet-stamping dancing. The kind of dancing teenagers do to loud rock music in their bedrooms when they think no ones watching. The kind of dancing you do when you're feeling insanely emotional. The kind of dancing that makes you want to cry or scream.

And what I want to know is, how can this guy inspire so much emotion in me? This guy that I don't even know, who I've only spoken to once, who's a complete stranger to me. How can he make me feel like that just y being there?

It's weird, I tell you. If he was amazingly good looking, it'd make sense. But really, he's kind of normal looking. He has normal blonde hair, normal brown eyes, a normal build and height and normal clothing. It's not as if he's spectacular in any way.

I mean, I guess he's pretty good at soccer. That's how I first noticed him. He was playing soccer on the oval at college, and me and my friends were lounging around in the shade nearby. I guess I really noticed him because he has this cheeky, exuberant smile and he was doing tricks with the ball and laughing.

I thought it was kind of cute. Then the ball he was playing with rolled over to where we were sitting, so I leapt up and kicked it back to him. He grinned at me in thanks, and that's when I had my first vision of dancing. Just loud, crazy dancing.

While we were sitting there, watching them play, one of my friends wondered out loud as to what his name might be and I suggested calling out random names until he responded.

Andrew! Michael! Jake! Daniel!

No response. We kept it up for a while. I didn't think he knew that we were talking about him.

Eventually we got tired of the game though, and started talking about other things. Our classes. Our families. That concert we wished we were going to. That teacher we all hated. Even while everyone was talking though, my mind was on the guy. The guy who made me think of crazy dancing people.

So when he jogged past us, chasing the escaped ball, I couldn't help but try again.

"Brian? Justin?" I called experimentally.

As he ran back past us, he paused and grinned at me.

"Adrian," he said, winking, before running off after the ball.

And all the dancers in my head leapt into the air in jubilation.

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