Rage filling me,

Burning through my blood.

I feel restless,

Self-hate consuming me,

Anger, frustration and regret.

I cannot cleanse these feelings and thoughts.

My heart pounding,

My veins feeling ready to explode.


And it's killing me.

My pain turning to agony,


The seams of sanity and a small semblance of happiness, are becoming loose, and slowly, excruciatingly undone.

I can't stand this.

Screaming for help...

But unheard...

Because I can find no one who will listen.


Unsure of everything,

As fears crawl inside,

Slithering beneath the wounds,

And killing me,

With delay.

I want all of this to end.

No one to help quell this frame of mind,

Of breaking down.

I'm crashing,





I feel myself colliding with despair...

Completely engulfed,

Everything moves so fast,

I don't understand.

How can I understand...?

On the verge of tears,

Anguish crushing me.

I suffer as my bones are breaking,

Bruises rushing through me.

I don't bother to scream...

Who would hear?


Utter, complete numbness.

Gashes on my skin,

My hands are shaking,

I'm whispering words,

So quickly,

I cannot distinguish or comprehend,

Tears welling in my eyes.

I wish I could breathe,

What's happened?

Turning into a beast,

These horrid images have come true.

Ripping, scratching at my skin.

This whole entirety seems muddled.

I cannot tolerate this torment...

I know...

I will always be in this nightmare...

This perdition...

Alone and bitter,

Mourning these stupid tears...

For what?

For all that isn't there...

And I know never will be.


I laugh,



And then...

I cannot stop it...

I cry,


Screaming it out.

I throw myself to the floor,


There will be bruises.

I just lay there,

And scream,


I don't know how long it's been...

I feel cold...

As if I do not belong in this skin, this flesh, this body,

It's so tight,



I stare at the ceiling.

Idiotic, meaningless tears.

So torn up and disconnected,


This mind.

My body seems paralyzed and dead.

My flesh feels anesthetized.

I can barely blink,

Unable to move my eyes,

Still scrutinizing the wall that hangs above me...

Seemingly ready to fall...

The image has become blurred and jumbled.

Gone insane...

The pain has torn me apart,

Ripped and tattered...

Leaving this fragmented being...