For all the pain we're given

And all the years we're livin'

For those who move on

Let darkness begone

Angelic in soul we begin this life

And angelic we're broken as we begin our strife

Our years of tragedy and tears

Aren't enough to quench our fears

So many these days are too accustomed to negativity

living out their lives in dark surroundings

Falling to the call, slamming the wall

Of rising insecurities, of dying dreams

Only when you can find a way to be happy

Can you continue your life as according to plan

As fate has designed your destiny

The world according to one man

Darkness overshadows, but light is what follows

If you have what it takes to continue on

If you have the will to shape your life

Then you will see the ending

A million tears of just one person

A thousand fears closing in

But when the shadow clears

You'll know what is meant by happy tears