Okay, so I know that a lot of you are going to want to kill me for taking Color me Cliche down , but you have to understand that is was necessary. What I've been writing for it lately has been absolute crap and if I had posted what I had completed for my chapter 14, I probably would've gotten a ton of hate mail. I don't want to be like other authors who continue writing their stories even when they have no idea where to go with it and end up writing something that's terrible. I want my story to not just be 'okay', because in real life I'm one of those people whose obsessed with getting things right and this story is so, SO far from my definition for 'right'.

Also, I'm almost positive that if I continue writing this story I'll begin to hate it. But don't worry, I'll put it up again when it's complete and I know that it's right.

Also, I'm not going to disappear completely, I have another story up that I like a lot better than this one and I'll appreciate it if you read it.