Forever is only up to You

Authors Note: This poem is written on behalf of my best friend who is in a bad relationship with this guy who used to be my friend. In case you were wondering, I already told her my feelings, but as always she's not willing to leave him. I just really needed to get this off my chest, I always write poetry when there's something really bothering me. Thanks for reading this; it means a lot to know someone is listening.

I see the way he looks at you

The way he treats you

Like you are less than perfect

Like you're not worth the tenderness

The love of each kiss

The smile on your face

Is different but the same

The words you choose

To tell me how,

He offended you this time

As I wait and hope

That you'll see the light

And leave him tonight

But I know you won't

Like you know you won't

Because you love him

And he loves you

And I'm the best friend

Who sits back and watches

Her best friend fade to black

Into the shadows

Of his no return

I feel the guilt

Don't you dare tell me not to!

I feel the guilt of just sitting back,

Watching, fearing, loathing his presence

With every touch he lays on you

With every insult from his forked tongue

With every force, of his blood stained hand

Is anything but a playful joke

Is anything but a loving hold

Is anything but a playful smack

With every frustration

You feel when he lets you down

Where I'm always around

To pick you up

And hear your sorrows

While I control the urge,

The urge for revenge, for justice, for the love of my best friend

But I always restrain myself

For reasons I'm not sure of

So I just sit by the phone and,

Hear your trembling voice.

I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

I hate what he did to you!

I hate how you act now!

You're under his control!

I see you, but I don't see you

I hear you, but I don't hear you

I feel you, but I don't feel you

You're his and I can't change that

You're his and I hear it

I hear the evil of his voice in you

You're his and I feel it

I feel the evil of his fist in you

You're his and I see it

I feel the evil of his eyes in you

I've known you for 4 years

Yet it took him 4 months

To steal you away

When you aren't with him

I know you

When you are with him

I know you no more

I've sat back and watched

For 4 months and saw

What I never wanted to happen

What I never thought you'd let happen

He's taken over you

And I feel the guilt,

The pain, the feeling of regret

Because I just sat back and watched

I let him hurt you

I let him kill you

I let him devour you

I let him steal you

But I won't let this go on forever unnoticed

I'll let you know how I feel

I'll tell you how much I miss you

How much I love you

My best friend

But that's all I can do

Is to let you know how I feel

Because I know

As well as you know

That I have already lost you

Forever is only up to you