Ultra Violet

she's the kind of girl
who could melt a snowglobe with her smile
if she'd only let it show
i know that she could show
this world a life worthwhile
cause she's the sort of girl
who could paint the flowers red with shame
but her ultraviolet personality
is always slipping through the radar
and she says she wants to change her name

she wants to be like juliet
a tragic silhouette
in her star-crossed vignette
while poison paints a rosette
upon lips still soft and wet
a love that no one will forget

or ophelia of the lake
her glassy eyes opaque
flowers wilted in her wake
while mind and heart did break
for a forbidden prince's sake
a life that no one else could take

she's the kind of girl
who paints her nails absorbing midnight blue
to attract the stars like magnets
wishes on her fingertips
and behind her tears of morning dew
she's the sort of girl
who could dance the heavens upside-down
tip Libra's scale off balance
throw these bodies out of orbit
with the secrets hidden in her frown

she wants to be like joan of arc
whose life began with a spark
grew as a flame in the dark
sent by angels to embark
through a battlefield so stark
til on the stake she left her mark

or antigone the brave
so determined to save
her brother from a rebel's grave
in defiance of a deceitful knave
imprisoned for her misbehave
her final resting place a cave

there is a girl
with the aurora borealis behind her eyes
the rainbow of a foreign world
drops of color spreading
seeping through the cracks in the skies
she's the sort of girl
where every wistful word comes out as a prayer
but a rose by any other name
could not compare
to the girl with the sunset stare

and me
i want to be like her