For every person that has died

For every person that has vied

To carry on their tiresome fight

For every single one who doubts their self worth

An angel cries

For those who hurt too bad to carry on

And those that commit suicide early on

To each their dark path in this world of man

But for every one who sits alone

When their parents have forgotten to care

The angels cry

Everyday, everywhere, millions; billions

Too many to count, hide their tears

They forget that they're more than carrion

They forget that, like them, there are others

They lose the will to fight

And for them, the angels cry

When the skies cloud over

And the grey replaces the light

For each drop of rain that falls

A person just died

Either for real or on the inside

These are the tears the angels cry

Never forget that you mean something to someone

Never forget that to someone else, you are the beautiful one

Never forget that people do care, even if they aren't there

What will they say when you're gone, When you lose your fight

Don't be one of the ones for whom the angels cry