I wander through my Castle in the Sky

I breathe in it's air with a contented sigh

I watch the clouds fly by in a white wispy haze

I feel, I have been in this place for many, many days.

The Castle's beauty and tall towers reach up

Touching the stars, drinking in its light, as if from a cup

The banners and flags sway slightly in the breeze

The air turns cold, as if it would all freeze.

My feet dip down into the dew-topped grass

My body chills and feels as cold as cool frosted glass

My eyes alight and glow with a warm gleam

My mind alerts, can this be all a dream?

Each moment begins to fleet

Every sensation feels as if it's a cheat

Every second fights to fly away

Each memory I keep, and I want to stay.

All at once, the moment has been lost

And all I can do is fight until I exhaust

Again I fall from my Castle way up high,

Awakened again, from my Castle in the Sky.