Author's Note: Hello, hello, I come bearing another short story which is really more like a scene but inspired by James Blunt. It's titled after his song. I know I should be writing in Tears of Blood, but I realized I can't write or focus on stories during the school year. But that leaves all summer :) I wrote this while "studying". Read, review and Enjoy!

Goodbye My Lover

Two cardboard boxes lay in the middle of the living room as she stood in front of them, simply staring down at them as emotions and memories coursed through her. With slow movements, as if she were in a daze, she removed the lid of the black Sharpie permanent marker and with painstaking carefulness, she wrote down "J-A-M-E-S" on the boxes. Tears shimmered in her grey eyes, turning them into pools of liquid silver, until she finally tore her gaze away from his name.

Fighting off more tears, she grabbed her jacket and keys, switched off all the lights, plunging her apartment into darkness and ran out the door. She fully well knew the stupidity of her actions, but she was nonetheless drawn helplessly to the last place she should go. She could no more turn back than stop the sun from rising the next morning.

The moon shone over the quietly drifting creek adding shimmering shafts of light into the water that was just slightly blacker than the night itself. A soft breeze set the trees swaying with the moonlight dancing between the branches. She sat on a small wooden bridge that stretched across the small creek and had long ago lost its paint. This had been where they had first kissed. A tender, achingly sweet brush across the lips followed with a small wondering grin. He had confessed that he had been dying to do that for awhile. She felt her lips curve into a warm smile as her cheeks flushed and she whispered to him that she was dying for him to kiss her again. This bridge had been where they had their second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth kisses too.

From her jacket pocket, she pulled out an envelope of photographs. The first was of them in junior high. After one of his soccer games, his sweat had plastered his ash blond hair to his forehead, his grin flashed across his handsome face and his green eyes were alight from his recent victory. His arm had been casually drapped across her shoulders. She had come to cheer him on, like every other game, wearing the team's colours. The picture showed her profile as she had been turned to look at him with her own smile lighting up her face. They had loved each other before they had even known what love was. On the bridge, the woman sniffed and let the picture go. It fluttered down into the water.

The second photograph was of their high school prom. Decked out in formal wear, they had danced with all the other senior students on a boat that had cruised around a lake for three hours before returning to the dock where the partying continued. The picture had been taken by a friend when neither had been aware. The lights on the dance floor had been dimmed with strobe lights flashing glinting with just enough light to see. The couple was entwined together for a slow dance with eyes only for each other. Her arms wrapped around his neck, while his hands rested on her hips, holding her against him as they sway to the crooning of a love song. With him dressed in his black tux and her in her white full length gown, it could have easily been their wedding picture.A fat tear rolled down her face and splattered on the picture. A trembling hand rose to swipe at the moisture on her cheek while, with great care, she wiped the tear from the photo before it too drifted in the light breeze for a seconduntil descending into the water.

Picture after picture joined the first into the creek. Tears were steadily streaming down her face by the time she reached the last one. A picture taken on her last birthday. She was sitting in his lap, laughing at the sight of the pitiful looking chocolate cake layered heavily with icing, which had been meant to cover the fact that the bread itself had been slightly burned and had broken into two chunks when he had attempted to take it out of the baking pan. While it was burnt, oddly shaped and was more icing than cake, it had been the best birthday cake she had ever tasted, because he had baked it for her. As she recalled his anxious expression when he presented to her, she began crying, sobbing. Her broken heart apparent in her keening cries.

When she collected herself, she held the picture over the railing of the bridge. It quavered in her hands, but she didn't, couldn't, let it go. Keeping the picture, she got to her feet and looked out at the other pictures; the last ones were just drifting out of her sight. Another surge of tears sprang to her eyes. In a raw whisper, that expressed the pain and sorrow that consumed her, she stated, "Goodbye, my lover."

When she returned to her apartment, she did not switch on any lights. In the darkness, she locked the front door and headed straight for her bed. She was emotionally spent and wished to go to bed. Stripping off her clothes, without regard for where they fell. She grabbed the old worn out, over-sized men's t-shit she slept in and pulled it over her head. She crawled under the sheets and couldn't help, but weep again at the immense loneliness that washed over her, making her feel so hollow. She cried herself to sleep.

In her hand, she still clutched the picture of her last birthday. It had been taken less than a month ago, but it was the last picture of James that would ever be taken. It was the last picture to be taken before he died suddenly in an accident. In her dreams, he was still there laughing, holding her, loving her.

The End

And there we go. That was quick, wasn't it? That was my story/scene. There will be no more added to this, but I can easily foresee other stories/scenes inspired by James Blunt. And um yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say. Please review? Goodnight! Flawless Storm :)