Words of acid form in my mouth

Burning holes in my tongue.

Thoughts of hatred form in my mind

Killing everything positive.

My blood pressure rises,

Pumping poison through my veins.

Emotions of hate, anger, loneliness, helplessness…

Bubble inside of me.

And to think you let it drag on when you could easily take it away

It's too late-I don't want your help

So stay the fuck away from me!

The empty space is overwhelming-

I need to be somewhere that I will be as isolated as I feel…

The closet.

Laying in darkness,

I'm stupid as to which way is up or down,

Sideways or backwards…

I'm falling in an unknown direction.

It's only me-

I'm confined inside my own mind

Plagued with the question: How many ways could I die tonight?

So many possibilities, so many opportunities!

I could…

Drink a mix of bleach and water…

Overdose on drugs…

Cut myself enough to let my blood drain…

There are so many ways!

But through the darkness, there is a spot of light

And through my twisted mind comes a single thought that makes sense-

The person who gives me the most hope and happiness.

The one person who I love, and loves me back.

The one person who makes me feel like no one else can.

The one who eases my every doubt

With the touch of his hand or the sound of his voice.

And HE is the one person closest to me

That the thought of him

Is enough to keep me breathing.