I'm stuck in the middle,

Left on the outside.



No longer in love, fighting over me-

I'm their source of power, but I'm used in means of defeat.

There is no concern for me as a person-

Only how I can be used to get under the other's skin.

I remember the night the cops came and before they showed up…

It was dark and I was confused, screaming

Being smothered as I was being squeezed and pulled every which way.

Through your fight for pride, did it even occur that I couldn't breathe?

Or what about the time Ashley had me, running through the cornfield,

Being chased?- I didn't even have a say in your game played 2 to 1.

There was no freedom-

Couldn't even go to the grocery store with me without him following.

Though I was too young to understand then, years passed

And I had to determine the winner; whose side I am on…

Who would I choose to spend the weekend or holidays with?

(Hostility from the loser)

I was dragged down, still no voice in the matter.

I hold my own hostility-

For all the broken promises and for all the times

I waited for you, bags packed, staring out the window

Only to find there would be another no show….

All the tears I've cried.

Now I am just lost,

There is no truth

In the different sides you take as to every event we underwent.