The Sisterhood

"Damn it," the black haired woman whimpered as she ran through the darkness, her light jacket flapping over her jeans and t-shirt clad body, her breath ragged as she weakly cried out, "just leave me alone!"

From the distance a young man's voice came tauntingly from the shadows as he hissed, "Here kitty kitty kitty..."

The campus at night was nearly silent as she raced down the stone paved pathway, powerful street lamps illuminating the grounds in circles of bright white light. Grassy hills rolled around her as the main buildings loomed up behind her, the parking lot over on one side deserted like the rest of the campus at this late hour.

"Please don't make me do this!" she yelled out to the figures who were chasing her, a bit of regret carried in her voice along with all the fear.

One by one the young men emerged from the night to surround her, one carrying a cheap pistol and the others using small but deadly looking knives that gleamed silver in the artificial lights. "Don't worry pretty kitty," the boy with the pistol rhymed with a sarcastic smile, "just give us all your money and valuables and nobody gets hurt... much."

Leaning up against a wall for some protection the lady swept them with her eyes. "You're lying," the young woman met his gaze with a surprising degree of calm as she said to him, "you've killed before."

"Shut up bitch," he barked as he waved the pistol around menacingly and repeated, "give us your money, now."

"I don't have any," she answered promptly.

One of the other boys looked at her in surprise, "Don't diss us, just hand over the green!"

"Fuck this!" the third boy roared as he lunged at her with a crazed intensity, his short blonde hair falling into his face as he swept forward with a knife in hand as she raised her hand to stop him.

The slim but sharp blade wetly plunged into her outstretched palm, splitting the pink skin as a streak of dark red blood dripped down from her hand to the sidewalk. Astonishingly she just looked up at him calmly, her face unbothered as she pulled her hand back. He jerked back in fear and shock as she then casually pulled the knife free and tossed it aside to clatter on the cement.

"That was stupid," she said coldly, blood still dripping to the ground, the fluid slowing eerily even as she reached up and lapped at the blood.

"Fuck this shit," the leader squeaked out as he fired the gun wildly, the pistol loud in the darkness as he put bullets into her almost randomly, more blood flying while her body jerked as the bullets found their mark.

She straightened up not long after the gun went silent, a bitter scent in the air as she looked at them with pure contempt from a blood stained face, the red fluid slowing swiftly while she leaned up against the now stained wall behind her. "You know, I was hoping you really weren't killers," she said conversationally, blood welling up from her mouth and garbling her speach as she said, "just a stupid bunch of petty robbers. Guess not."

"I didn't sign up for this crazy shit," a boy yelped weakly as he turned to run.... only to freeze at what he saw. "Guys?" he asked them softly.

The leader turned around to see what he wanted and gasped softly. Young women... there were a lot of young women watching them coldly, having slipped up behind them while they assaulted the girl. There was an cruel look in their eyes, almost vicious as they held weapons at the ready. Clubs, bats, pans and dozens of other implements were ready to go, and from the expressions on their faces the girl's were all ready to use them, too.

"Oh fuck," one of the knife wielding boys gasped as the three boys drew together instinctively for a little protection.

Realizing how much trouble that they were in the gunman quickly tossed his weapon aside, raising his hands above his head in the universal sign of surrender. "We give up," he said to them weakly even as the girls began to move.

"That's nice," one of the newcomers growled as the first swing of her club broke his jaw with a muted crack, sending him crashing to the ground with a muffled cry.

"Wait," the knife wielding boy started when a baseball bat broke his nose, sending him reeling backward to be struck by another girl.

Before the gang could even think to take any other action the girls swarmed them, weapons striking fast and hard. Their painful cries were stopped just a few seconds later as the wet sound of breaking bones and crunching flesh continued on as the first young woman leaned tiredly against a handy lamppost, watching the beating mournfully.

One of the women broke away from the brutal attack and walked over as the lovely blonde before she asked worriedly, "Are you all right, Lil?" Her blue eyes were remarkably gentle for one who had been so savage moments ago, the gold club she carried dripping red.

In the now peaceful silence Lil met her eyes, a surprising depth of tenderness in them. "I will be, Elaine," Lil sighed softly. There was a grim smile on her face as she visibly shuddered, her body expelling another bullet with a soft sound as the metall struck the stone walkway, "At least we've taken one group of killers off the streets."

"I just wish you hadn't had to do that," Elaine said, unmindful of the blood as she helped Lil walk by the splattered remains of the boys.

"We had to be sure they were the right ones," Lil said grimly as she and Elaine joined the group of other women, "and I was the best bait for obvious reasons."

"True," Elaine agreed. She looked over at a spunky redhead and asked in a commanding voice, "So Chris, how far past curfew are we?"

Chris looked amused by that as she checked her watch, ignoring streaks of blood that were splattered on her arm, "Let's put it this way, if we're caught we'll be grounded for life."

"If we're caught we'll be in more trouble than that," Lil said as she looked her bloody comrades over wryly. All of them were splayttered by blood, the weapons they carried wet with it, but their expressions were oddly serene after the mayhem they had unleashed. 'I guess it gets easier the more you do it,' Elaine thought wryly.

"Was anyone hurt?" a plump black haired girl asked them as she looked over her friends, trying to distinguish injuries from blood splatter.

"We're all fine, I think, Connie," a taller brown haired girl said. "Watch your footprints and make sure you have your weapons," she reminded them all, "Lil can keep us from being followed but no reason to be foolish."

"Got it Lisa, and good work everyone. Come on, let's get home," and with that Elaine lead the mob of young women off into the darkness.

"Do you think we'll have to do this again?" one voice asked softly.

"I almost hope so," a voice answered simply.

By sunrise the news had spread all over campus, whispers and rumors soon being followed by reporters and actual investigations. The area of the attack was roped off, human bits collected, interviews were made and eventually the bloody stretch of sidewalk was hosed off. Then with a remarkable casualness the campus got on with it's day.

The sorority house was busy in the morning, the members rising to ready themselves for classes and watching over their younger sisters. Women bustled from room to room waking the most tardy, waiting eagerly for the responses.

"Urgle?" Lil said incoherently after a few moments of hammering at her door, the black haired young lady looking out blearily at the teen who gazed at her in amusement. Lil's black hair was a tangled mess and her oversized T-shirt barely concealed long legs and lush curves. Her pose didn't hide the bed beyond her or the lucky student who had shared it with her that night. Lil moved around from room to room, and the whispers about what she did with her roommates were almost legendary.

"Hey," Elaine looked up in surprise from where she was rousing another girl, "what did I tell you about letting Lil sleep in? It's not like she attends classes anyway, Peg."

Peggy looked sheepish, her brow hair tied back in a ponytail. "I'm sorry," she addressed both young woman, "I just forgot."

"Thanks for waking me, anyway," Elaine yawned, giving the sleepy Lil a soft kiss on the cheek as the nightie clad girl walked by to return to her own rooms.

Without another word Lil stumbled back into her bedroom, the old oak door slowly swinging shut behind her as they caught a fleeting glimpse of her collapsing face down on the big brass bed. As quietly as possible both seniors moved on down the hall, rousing the rest of the girls and getting them going for classes.

Later on, outside amid the walking students a reporter for the campus newspaper was doing the rounds, tape recorder in hand. "So what do you think of the fact that the 56th street gang was killed here on campus?" she asked intently.

"It couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys," the blonde answered coldly, "raping bunch of bastards."

"That charge against them was never proven," the reporter calmly reminded her. "What do you think of the rumors that there's a campus vigilante group?" she asked the next question, studing her subject intently.

"If it was a group of vigilantes on campus, more power to 'em," the student shrugged her shoulders casually, moving on.

Peggy watched the interview with some amusement, walking beside her friend Chris as they headed to their morning lecture. "I can't believe Elaine is going through the motions of investigating the story," she murmured, making sure they were far enough from other students so that they couldn't hear, "considering she was out with us last night."

Chris looked amused as the little redhead said, "She takes her job seriously."

In the crowd around them say saw their friends and comrades from the Sorority who had been with them last night, all now hurrying to class as if nothing had happened. They walked along quietly a moment, then Peggy said, "I probably should have asked this question months back, maybe when I first joined, but... what is Lil?"

"No one's quite sure of that," Chris reluctantly admitted, "but we know she's been watching over our sorority for a very long time." She smiled in a odd kind of wonder, "Did you know that our house mother Mrs. McGreavy remembers her being there when she was a teenager, and that was nearly forty years ago?"

Peggy recognized the tone in Chris' voice, one that she had heard a few times in the research student's speech. "But you've got a theory?" she asked just a bit teasingly.

Chris blushed, a bit embarrased that she was trhat predictable. "I went digging through school records and found a old newspaper story about a unsolved murder on campus," Chris confessed, "the girl's name was Lilith."

"You think it was our Lil?" Peggy blinked.

"The photo is pretty crappy, but it looks like her," Chris said excitedly. "And if it was her," she mused softly, "maybe Lil just wants to keep the same thing from happening to any other girls."

Peggy looked off into the distance, "Poor lady."

"Yeah, well..." Chris shrugged, "no way to know for sure since she says her memory no longer goes back that far."

Peggy blinked, "How long ago was this?"

"Nineteen twenty," Chris quietly answered.


Notes: The idea of a vigilante hit squad of teenaged girls led by a ghost/undead/whatever wasn't originally part of my plans for a story. This was originally intended to be a Bloody Guardian one-shot, then the rather bloody idea of the campus girls being involved hit me. It was inspired by all the assaults we hear about in the news that never seem to get solved or the culprits escape, though I do not advocate vigilante justice for those responsible.