For the record, I wasn't having writer's block. Like I said before, I had to put chapter 4 in the story or it wouldn't have made any sense. Chapter 5 actually gives you some answers. I haven't written a chapter for this story for a while. I re-read a few days ago what I wrote for this chapter a few weeks ago and noticed it was terrible writing (just saying).

As I opened my eyes, I saw black spheres. When my vision became clear, it ended up to be just an old fat man staring at me. "What do you want?" I asked intensely. He just put his eyes closer to me. "Go to hell." I said as I spit in his face. The man struck me a second after.

"DA!" he said in gibberish. He made an angry smirk and jumped down from the platform. I then realized what was around my neck: a rope. I was soon going to be hanged.

My hands and feet were bound and I was standing on a small oak platform. A surprise to me was that I was in a stone stadium. People were being driven in by guards and were sitting down. Aaon must want the whole kingdom do know of my death, I thought. The real question for me at the time was why.

King Aaon was sitting on a large velvet seat in a box made out of dark willow logs, decorated with golden carving on the side. Only servants sat in the box with him—nobody else.

Meanwhile in the stands of the stadium sat a stranger covered in a long, ripped black robe. It had its hand hanging on a large gargoyle that was on the side of the steps leading downward. The figure was the only one in the crowd that wasn't talking about why they were brought there and who the boy was at the end of the rope. Soldiers started to take their posts at the exits. The general that who caught me (Seek) stood in front of the large gallows. He stood gallantly there with his blue armor shining in the roasting sun.

Men in blue robes ran around the stadium carrying signs that said 'Quiet'. As the vibrations of the stadium died down, King Aaon began to speak loudly.

"People of Capillary! Visitors from the vast areas of Handrus! My men and I have brought you here to end the reign of a great evil! To put silence to are enemies! To continue the throne of men!" People cheered at this. To have a confession, this was the kind of thing that it use to cheer at with my comrades. Something told me that Aaon was doing something with his words—I couldn't pull it out. I was something that I sensed, like it was engraved into my mind. I remember a mage once told me that that was what it feels like when you are performing a spell.

Aaon continued, "Long ago there was a prophecy that an ancient magical creature would die and would be powerful enough to prevent himself from entering the realms of heaven and hell. This powerful spirit was foretold to enter the body of a human and turn him into something different—something that hasn't been seen in centuries. My great people, the boy that sits on the end of this rope—only sixteen years of age—is the Spiritdancer of Sior the Strong!"

There was an enormous disturbance in the crowd. There was an enormous disturbance in me. I could sense that the first part of Aaon's speech was trying to put thoughts into the peoples' minds, but the second part was true. It seemed that everyone could feel it because Aaon wouldn't have given out that information out just to simply cover up the real reason why I was being hanged.

Then I realized what he just said. Several months ago an ancient glyph was found that was translated into the word Spiritdancer. No one knew what it meant, but it was sensed to be something great. If what Aaon said was true, that meant I was the Spiritdancer of Sior the Strong, the greatest magical warrior to ever walk the soil of Handrus!

It would explain my unconscious "betrayal" as I called it. It would also explain the magical senses I was getting. I was trying to figure out if it was really possible for me to be an actual legend.

As the crowd of the stone stadium began to question themselves aloud Aaon continued his rant. "By destroying the soul of Sior the Strong, I will be ending the last hope of the creatures. In six months I will launch a grand attack on the creatures, ending this war once and for all! For doing so, I will be known as Aaon the Magnificent!" Most of the crowd roared—some still questioned at what was going on.

The dark figure sitting near the large gargoyle in the stands immediately jumped up and through off its cloak. It revealed an emerald color, fully armored body. The people of the stands (including me) watched in awe as the armored person leaped from the stadium and landing good fifty yards into the stadium. Then I realized that this was no human—it was a creature.

I looked over towards Aaon. He wasn't surprised at all—he had a gigantic sneer on his face. I looked back at the creature and saw it putting out its arm towards the soldiers that were around me and blast a bolt of red lightning at them. That was tough magic. They flew back several feet and didn't get up.

The King still didn't do anything as the creature shot another bolt of red lighting into the air. It exploded into smaller particles when it reached about two-hundred yards in the air. The King's sneer was finally wiped off his face and was replaced by a frown. "FIRELIGHT!" he screamed to the heavens.

I was supposing that was the creatures "name" due to the fact that it could create fire colored lightning. I was wondering why I had never heard of this powerful creature before.

I concluded that the bolt it shot up into the air was a signal 'to come' when the ground started to shake in front of me—and out of the ground came what looked like an overgrown mole. The dirt it splattered up onto me got in me eyes and I couldn't get it out for me hands were tied. I was told the next several minutes.

The gigantic mole pounded on the ground and chanted what I turned out to be a spell. I burst of magical energy came from when the mole stomped on the ground and it flew up into the sky. Then, to everyone's shock, the sun started to set behind the hills. The spell had actually made everyone freeze, but have the sun still keep going. As the sun finished it sped up sunset, the spell stopped and something started to rumble.

Aaon looked to the right of him. It was the gargoyles—they began to brake out of their stone shells.