Stay Tuned: Kidnappers...? Hehehe I like this...I've got something for the insane part of the society...I somehow got inspired by The Cell, even though I haven't seen it for about two years or so (I fucking damn HATE Jennifer Lopez, she is the weak link of the movie cause it all has to be about her). Yes this is a oneshot. It contains explicit maleXmale sex and well...I wont say more.

Stay Tuned

Kristian was so tired nowso he finally stopped moving. He just laid there and looked about himself, taking in the details of the room. There was a trail of snot above his thin upper lip, but he didn't do anything about it other than half-heartedly trying to sniff it up.

Nicolai observed him from a corner of the dark gray room where he sat, his eyes bloodshot and his delicate eyelids red. He needed sleep, but couldn't quite relax yet. "Are y-you hungry?" Nicolai asked, remembering that none of them had eaten for over seven hours. His answer was a cold glare. He took it as a yes and got up, his right knee popping from the movement.

There was a creaking sound as Kristian moved in the old bed, the chains rattling, but he soon stopped.

Nicolai didn't turn around to watch him; instead he continued to make sandwiches on the counter in the corner of the room. He took his time and did it with utter care, like he did everything else. Everything one could possibly need was present here. Except for food, which needed to be bought now and then, but it wasn't a problem that couldn't be solved with freeze dried food when in need.

He didn't dislike this place. Actually he liked how the interior was of fine gray-blue steel all surfaces smooth and beautiful. He liked to let his fingertips touch the surfaces lightly as he walked. It was a divine feeling; it was like sex. But then again, he didn't like sex that much. Sure, sometimes it was nice to have a hooker beside himself when he woke up (not that they stayed until morning that often), but it wasn't anything he enjoyed particularly. Especially since he got so nervous and couldn't really be as skillful or as charming as he wished. He could feel it feel how they thought he was pathetic, and it made him even clumsier, his stammering even worse.

Kristian gave Nicolai a stern gaze from under his chestnut brown bangs before spitting onhim on one sunken cheek as Nicolai closed in to give him the sandwich.

Nicolai closed his eyes for a moment, swallowing his anger. He unhurriedlywiped the saliva from his face with the front of his shirt and placed the sandwiches on the table beside the bed.

"Why d-did you do th-that," he stated, more than asked. "D-d-don't be bad now!" He closed his hazel eyes, concentrating as he said the last words to get it out smoothly. He always felt a little bit dizzy and lost his balance for a whilewhen he did so, as if he was flying. He liked flying though, especially in old airplanes where you could actually see the outside and feel the wind through you hair. His mom forced him to ride one once, and it actually made him braver. He didn't deny the fact that he was a mama's boy. The memory was still vivid in his mind; how full of life the summer had been, green and yellow fields of buttercups, and the pink afternoon sky above so transcendental and beautiful. But that was long ago. Oh, that was very, very long ago. But he could still feel the smooth surface of the yellow airplane under his fingertips.

Nicolai woke up from his daydreams, picking up one of the sandwiches and sitting down on the bed.

Kristian didn't want to let Nicolai know about his true feelings; he had to keep up the cool demeanor, since it seemed to work well on Nicolai who got more and more nervous with every passing minute. He had noticed that Nicolai was rather impatient even though it might not seem like that at first glance since the man did everything so carefully.

Kristian quickly hid a nervous look behind an angry mask as he sat up and held his chained wrists up in front of his face and shook them.

Nicolai looked at the boy, not sure of what to do. He finally decided against all reason and clumsily unchained Kristian who snatched the sandwich forcefully.

"You're welcome," Nicolai said with sarcasm and scoffed. He turned around onwhere he sat on the bed and took a bite off his own sandwich. No words were said as the two enjoyed their meal. It was obvious that their minds needed some oil after all the hard thinking, each of his own survival.

Nicolai watched from the corner of his hazel eyes as the boyhastily bit off his sandwich.

Suddenly, Kristian's sandwich was tossed on the floor and cut like a knife through the tension in the air. He watched Nicolai with a bold look on his face, as if challenging him. Nicolai looked back, not participating in the fight; he was rather confused.

Nicolai sighed and got up tiredly, picking up the sandwich and putting it on the plate that wason the bedside table, only to be equally shocked by the boy's next attempt to throw him off-balance. And it did work indeed. He just wasn't used to watch masturbating teens groaning on his bed. "W-what a-are y-y-you doin-n-ng?" He could do nothing but stand thereand watch as a foul grin slowly formed on Kristian's face, his thin crimson lips curling upwards and his green-and-blue-mixed orbs giving off a predatory lustful glint. His mouth opened to let out a deep moaning sigh and quick gasps of pleasure along with an underlying mockinglaugh.

Kristian had pulled his only article of clothing down his firm and sun-burnt thighs, his rough fingertips teasingly caressing his reddish length as he purposefully drooped his eyelids half-mast.

Nicolai felt his heartbeat speed up. He took a step back and almost stumbled, his eyes wide. Everything happened too quickly for him to grasp, though he soon forced himself back to his senses. The boy had succeeded in grabbing his attention but he wouldn't allow such a thing to happen again; it was simply too dangerous. He frowned, grabbing Kristian's bony wrist and twisting, perhaps a little too hard.

The boy wailed in pain and arched his back. "No! Let go!" He retrieved his arm and rubbed at it, trying to breathe steadily.

"D-d-d-you c-can't do such a th-thing!" Nicolai bellowed, still frowning and trying his hardest to gain authority, his spit flying.

"I can!" Kristian argued back, sitting up on hisknees. He was suddenly struck by his own words and exploded in a fit of laughter, falling down on his stomach. He calmed down, turning his head to one side with a taunting smile. "Huh? What should I do?" he teased, "Do you want me to die from frustration? I might die. You never know," he said in a rasping voice. He tried to create eye contact, but the man avoided his gaze, concentrating. "I need to go the bathroom," he snickered.

The man let out a deep breath, his mouth pursed in anger. He sat down and watched with a defeated face as Kristian grinned triumphantly and tiptoed up the steel stairs to the bathroom on naked feet.

"I t-t-told you not to d-do that! It's t-t-d-disgusting!" Nicolai walked in behind Kristian, fretting. The boy had already pee and didnot care about flushing the toilet; instead he was playing with his private parts again.

Nicolai gripped the boy's wrist, but this time Kristian grabbed his arm in a tighter grip and didn't allow him to twist. The boy was, unexpectedly stronger than Nicolai.

Nicolai was thrown across the greenish ceramic floor of the bathroom. His back hurt from the hard and cold floor and his head hit the clinically clean tiles. His eyes narrowed, his breath short, as the boy advanced forward with a sheepish grin, victory in his grasp.

The room was silent except for a loud ventilation machine polluting the air with itssoothing noise.

Kristian underestimated his opponent; soon he was lying on the floor, hisconsciousness miles away.

Nicolai retrieved the shot from the boy's tender neck and slowly dragged him across the ceramic floor out of the bathroomand onto the bed that creakedunder his weight. He gave him another shot for the sake of safety, looking at the needle with fascination as it sunk into the lightly-tanned skin of Kristian's arm and into the deep blue vein, a drop of blood coiling up intothe contents of the syringe. He shouldn't do this, but the vision of him lying there helpless, his skin being penetrated by the needle was justunbearable pleasure. He knew that in a few days that arm would be covered with innumerable maroon-colored punctuation marks. Just like howit should be. That way, he would become beautiful; he would become something worthy of Nicolai.

His senses had somehow grown stronger. The small folds of the pillow felt giant under his cheek, and everything was either too cold or too warm. Nicolai's touch almost hurt, and he swore that he could feel the serum as it entered his blood and ran through his veins. He could even hear it. The soft scratching sound the pads of Nicolai's fingers made against his skin was almost too loud to bear. But it wasn't only his fingers touching Kristian anymore. Through the haze and mist in his mind, he could hear Nicolai mumble, he could feel chapped lips against his moist forehead. He could feel Nicolai's arms around him as they slept and he turned his sweaty head to lock green-blue eyes with hazel ones or just to stare at those pink eyelids and the bony nose and thin, brown eyebrows.

Sometimeshe woke up from Nicolai's ever so careful touch tracing the skin of his chest and throat as he lay beside him, making him shiver. He could feel Nicolai's trembling breaths against the sensitive skin behind his ear as he enveloped his thin waist and drew him close – their legs entangled. Kristian's eyes lazily fluttered open as Nicolai shifted his weight to straddle the boy's stomach and bent forward to bite his throat.

Kristian grunted, trying to speak butin vain. He felt his eyes widen, but he knew that they weren't as wide as he thought they were. He felt Nicolai slowly, nervously lowering himself on his half-erection, taking him in.

This is wrong, this is disgusting, this is corrupt, this is gay! And oh fuck, this is so good. Kristian squinted at Nicolai's flushed face, looking downat him through hooded light brown eyes as he threw his head back and thrust his body up and down.

Kristian clutched at the sheets, turning his head from side to side unconsciously as tiny particles shooting through his body in every direction, giving off a tingling sensation, a desperate need to break free from the skin. And these particles were all concentrating into his painfully throbbing dick although the feeling of Nicolai's insides sliding over him was helping;the warmth was driving him to insanity. The pure feeling of body against body, skin against skin, blood pumping under the complexion;sweat dripping like the sweet moisture of rain on warm spring days.

Nicolai moved in a faster pace as lust grew greater and wanton took overand he finally came, the cum burning him and Kristian too as it ran down the insides of Nicolai's thighs and over Kristian's soft wad of pubic hair. He tightened around Kristian automatically, drawing a deep groan from the boy's throat. It didn't stop the movements though; Nicolai continued until Kristian squeaked, a sign thathe was about to come. An underlying tingling sensation of absurd joyplayed in Kristian's stomach recklessly, rolling around. He writhed, squirming and making the bed creak.

Nicolai's insides ached and were wetted by the boy's semen as he came, compelling him to get up. He flopped beside the boy's weak body as they both did their best to steady their breaths.

"Fucker. You're gross. I never thought it'd be so easy to seduce you," Kristian heaved, rolling his eyes. No reply came from the man who was still breathing heavily beside him, licking his salt lips.

The bed creaked as he got up, dressing in a pair of well-usedstone-washed jeans and a shabby T-shirt. This would be repeated and they both knew it.

Kristian felt himself growing hard as the skin of Nicolai's thigh next to him caressed his own with his every breath. From this position, he could easily gain control over the man, but first he had to make sure thatnone of those nasty evil shots were anywhere around. He'd searched Nicolai but hadn't found them anywhere on him, so he assumed they were hidden somewhere in the room.

He rolled over Nicolai, squaring his arms with his elbows on each side of Nicolai's head, the chains crossing over the man's throat to create a death grip. He pressed, enjoying the choked coughs that escaped from Nicolai.

"Do it!" he bellowed. And Nicolai did as he said, lifting his hips and wrapping his legs around the boy's waist.

A secretive grin played on Kristian's lips. He looked at the man withjet black hair and blank brown eyes under him; he looked so small, so abandoned. He almost felt sorry for him. He couldn't hold back a laugh after staring at his sorry figure for a while. "You've ought to be my best slave so far," he mocked the man, a laughter clinging to his voice.

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