Today I came to New York with Albert Camus in my back pocketAll that frenzy at Penn Station left unsaid
Men and women fruitlessly grunted at the rain – not so patient as the buildings
Well I must've seen 1,000 cigarettes
--Oh, well it would have been quicker to walk
But we took the taxicab instead
Only a few more dirty clouds to pass
And we head back on the Transit--

Today I came to New York as an objective spectator
Couldn't help but feel so ironically amused
Sucked into that Western commercial aura, so outright publicizing
To feel dreary and victimized – I had no excuse
--Well, the puddles they were abundant
Tricked the pavement into looking hopelessly confused
I played pool in an eighth floor penthouse
And wished away that New York gloom--

Today I came to New York just to leave
That stolid countenance never even took notice, or tried to care
And as I departed New York with a gum wrapper in my back pocket
I had also inherited an atmosphere of despair

New York left me so impressionable
Just for a 12 dollar round-trip fare
And as that city sailed off behind me, I couldn't decide
Whether or not it was New York who forgot I was there